CD Reviews

Gena Rose Bruce – Can't Make You Love Me

Gena Rose Bruce’s debut album has been three years in the making, and after listening it is clear why this record took her so long. Can’t Make You Love Me showcases an artist with a clear vision but also one who was suffering immeasurable heartbreak during this period of her life. Soft, smokey but striking […]

ATLVS – Memoir

The debut EP from Gippsland, Victoria metalcore group ATLVS immediately hit the listener with an aggressive wall of sound which rarely relents. The group deliver incredibly fastpaced, punchy metalcore breakdowns throughout the six-track EP. Upon this heavy foundation, the group layer their music with a deep, thoughtful lyricism which focuses on memories of anger, betrayal […]

The Beautiful Monument – I’m The Reaper

I’m The Reaper by The Beautiful Monument is a compelling pop-punk ride from start to finish. Throughout their second record, The Beautiful Monument and frontwoman Lizi Blanco explore the stages of grief, redemption and growth. Whilst these are heavy, and potentially quite depressing, themes the group does an outstanding job of keeping the overall message […]

Hayden James – Between Us

Electronic music producer Hayden James’ latest release, Between Us, is a delightfully fun record which would make for the perfect road trip soundtrack. The 11 track release which already features three platinum singles integrates melodic bass, pop hooks and synth elements to create a modern disco record. Whilst the aforementioned singles are sure to be […]

Skyscraper Stan – Golden Boy Vol I & II

Very few musicians truly embody the troubadour spirit in this modern age as much as Skyscraper Stan does with his latest release, Golden Boy. Golden Boy is delivered to listeners as a singular package but actually consists of two distinct volumes. Whilst each volume stands alone in their own rights when paired together the listener […]

PLTS – Lonely Leaves

PLTS’ latest EP Lonely Leaves may feature only seven new songs, but it may be the band’s greatest work yet.  Each song is more unrestrained and honest than any of PLTS’ past pieces. The entire EP centres around nostalgia and reflecting on growth, loss, and change. Overall, PLTS’ sound is more mature and well-rounded.   Most […]

whenyoung – Reasons To Dream

The indie-pop group whenyoung have just released their debut album Reasons To Dream. Their single Future already has an accompanying music video available to watch on YouTube.  Future is a soft rock song that deals with heavy themes, but with a light and hopeful undertone. The music video follows the story of the song’s lyrics, making it highly […]

Carly Rae Jepsen – Dedicated

When first encountering the latest album from Carly Rae Jepsen you quickly begin to ponder who or what this record could be ‘dedicated’ to, upon listening the answer quickly becomes apparent. Throughout its 15 track journey, Dedicated takes the listener on an emotional ride throughout the entirety of a relationship. From the initial early sparks […]

Little May – Blame My Body

Little May has just completed their second album titled Blame My Body. The album is extremely personal, featuring songs about the challenges faced by females in their early 20s and the pressures that society puts on them.  Both members of the Little May duo open up through their music about their struggles and anxieties, which […]

The Maes

The self-titled debut album from the Melbourne sister duo that comprises The Maes is an intimate collection of gentle and conversational songs.  The purely honest, raw and relaxed style of music highlights the sisters’ outstanding vocal abilities. As an added bonus, Monique Clare lends her cello capabilities to the album as well as her voice to […]