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CD Reviews

Santogold – Santogold

Santogold ' Santogold By Aidan Roberts This is certainly an eye-catcher from the outset, before even one note has been heard; a very funky, neo-70's record sleeve featuring a mysterious African girl, waxen black hair and curious eyes, spewing a stream of gold glitter into space. This image is surprisingly pertinent for the music that's […]

Shearwater – Rook

Rook - Shearwater By Chris Peken If, as Oscar Wilde postulated, 'ambition is the last refuge of failure,' then Shearwater are in trouble. However when that ambition is matched by talent and execution then failure becomes magnificence. Knowing one's limitations is the greatest talent, and here Shearwater and singer/songwriter Jonathan Meiburg have combined their ambition […]

Viva Voce – Viva Voce Loves You

Viva Voce Loves You - Viva Voce By Chris Peken Married couples are taking over rock. Think Arcade Fire or our own Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson. Viva Voce are Kevin and Anita Robinson and they have kept the home fires burning with four studio albums in nine years. Viva Voce Loves You is a compilation of tracks from their first […]

Guy Blackman – Adult Baby

Guy Blackman is an interesting character. The very name Adult Baby suggests something very disturbing in the lyrical content of what we hold in our hands. But in a way, there couldn't be a more appropriate title for this record - a long time in the making without being given its independence, and in its […]

Paul Greene – Distance Over Time

Distance Over Time - Paul Greene by Aidan Roberts Paul Greene has a good track record - a well-respected local instrumentalist and singer, long in the company of the likes of Rob Hirst, Melanie Horsnell and Angus Diggs, all of whom join him in this collection. This album promises a lot - with a staggering […]

Martha Wainwright – I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too

I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too - Martha Wainwright By Chris Peken If she were a filly, Martha Wainwright out of Kate McGarrigle by Louden Wainwright III would be of the finest folk pop stock. Although it is her brother Rufus who is currently fawned over in the press, with her second album […]

Blood Red Shoes – Box of Secrets

Box of Secrets - Blood Red Shoes By Aidan Roberts It's not usually very constructive to declaim a genre of music based on assumed popular longevity - with perhaps the exception of disco reaching its well-earned death in the early 80's - but it really does feel like the garage-rock-done-big-budget-style fad is starting to feel very […]

Vetiver – Thing of the Past

Thing of the Past - Vetiver By Aidan Roberts Andy Cabic, longtime friend and musical associate to Devendra Banhart, has a wonderful band called Vetiver. Having struck gold with their previous record, the wonderfully subtle and soulful To Find Me Gone, Cabic and friends have gone for an unusual move so early on in the […]

Thalia Zedek Band – Liars and Prayers

Liars and Prayers - Thalia Zedek Band By Chris Peken There is a lot to like about Thalia Zedek if you are a stalwart supporter and lover of the Australian independent music scene. Her aching, rasping voice bares similarities to The Divynals' Chrissie Amphlette; David Curry's viola playing shares much with The Dirty Three's Warren Ellis; and […]

Husky Rescue – Ghost is Not Real

Ghost is Not Real - Husky Rescue By Chris Peken From the opening My Home Ghost the comparisons to Air are unavoidable, particularly as the song builds layer upon layer, to a dense electronic climax. But Finland's Husky Rescue are a more diverse beast. The baby of child prodigy Marko Nyberg, Husky Rescue definitely inhabit […]