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CD Reviews

Stephen Cummings – Happiest Man Alive

Happiest Man Alive - Stephen Cummings By Chris Peken An artist that moves you, writing songs about the artists that move him. Raymond Chandler, Henry Miller and Edward Hopper all feature significantly on Stephen Cummings' new album Happiest Man Alive; they were influences on a young Cummings and are still relevant touch points for him today - both in […]

Beck – Modern Guilt

Modern Guilt - Beck By Aidan Roberts We've been waiting a little while now for the next incarnation of Beck, the ingenius creator of skewy pop hits and everyone's favourite Scientologist. He's moved on from the weepy ballads and bubble-gum pop extremes: here we have a denser, highly polished collection, branded distinctly by co-producer Danger […]

Carla Bruni – Comme Si de Rien N’Etait (As If Nothing Had Happened)

Comme Si de Rien N'Etait (As If Nothing Had Happened) - Carla Bruni By Chris Peken i am thinking of submitting the following to the Department of Foreign Affairs before it goes to print. After all a bad review of an album by the wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy may have significant effects upon our […]

Joel Sarakula – Feels Like The First Time

Feels Like The First Time - Joel Sarakula   by Aidan Roberts   If ever Sydney has boasted a piano man with a bread-jar on the bar, it is Joel Sarakula. Sarakula has been smashing ivories for many years under his own name and various incarnations of same, touring the world plying his lively piano-pop […]

Ed Kuepper – Ed Kuepper Live

Ed Kuepper Live - Ed Kuepper By Chris Peken The Ed-Man cometh. The Godfather of Australian punk, the doyen of Independence, the master and the servant Ed Kuepper continues on his very own merry way and releases another fine live album. The Kuepper way of re-invention is to change those around him, his latest incarnation […]

Comatone & Foley – Trigger Happy

Trigger Happy - Comatone & Foley   by Aidan Roberts   Trigger Happy is an appropriate title for this release from producers / composers Comatone & Foley, well-revered break-beat champions of the scene. Here we have a colourful blend of multi-layered electronics, opening synth-fest CFI sounding like a rapid-fire frequency-switch between a demo reel of […]

Friendly Fires – Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires - Friendly Fires By Chris Peken If, as part of some bizarre social studies experiment, you force fed a poor lad from St Albans in Hertfordshire , England, on a steady diet of Depeche Mode, New Order, Ultravox, ABC and Human League he would without doubt grow up to sound like Friendly Fires' […]

Pivot – O Soundtrack My Heart

O Soundtrack My Heart - Pivot By Chris Peken Pivot's initial international release after becoming the first Australian act signed to the iconic Warp Records (after an offer of a 16 album deal!) is both a confident step forward and an enthusiastic push into the unknown. Electronic instrumentals and post-apocalyptic landscapes dominate what initially comes across as a cold and […]

Alanna Cherote – Universal Need

Universal Need - Alanna Cherote by Aidan Roberts When Alanna Cherote sings her very first notes on this her debut EP, what is immediately striking about this young singer is her startlingly deep voice - and a timbre that suggests a natural ageing process has applied to her performance from a very early age. The […]

Beats Working – Harbour Drive

Harbour Drive - Beats Working by Aidan Roberts There seems to be an element of industrial reverence in this skippy debut from northern outfit Beats Working. Is this a concept album about industrial Coffs Harbour life' Who knows. What we do have for certain here is a collection of sure-footed and cheeky hip hop anthems […]