CD Reviews

Khancoban – Limbs May Fall

Limbs May Fall - Khancoban by Aidan Roberts This is the debut full-length record for Khancoban, another of Melbourne label Half A Cow's friendly family of quietly creative musicians. This collection of songs written by frontman Andre Hooke softly works its way under your skin with the band's wintery, pastelline guitar textures and Pete Cohen's […]

The Moffs – The Collection

The Collection - The Moffs By Chris Peken "I don't like nostalgia unless it's mine" said Lou Reed. As pop music ages well into its sixties, looking back with rose-coloured lenses become more and more popular. Having spent enough nights glued to the Trade Union Club floor watching The Moffs and so many more of […]

Okkervil River – The Stand-Ins

The Stand-Ins - Okkervil River By Aidan Roberts Cheekily titled to carry on the theme of their 2007 indie chart-killer record The Stage Names, The Stand-Ins is a show-case of apparent left-overs from those recording sessions. We're not presented with anything out of the ordinary for Okkervil River, in fact a lot of the sounds […]

Asa – Asa

Asa - Asa By Chris Peken Asa has a wonderful back story. Born in Paris, she returned to native Nigeria at the age of two, with her parents. Often she did much of the raising of her three brothers, immersing herself in song while doing the household chores. Leaving home for boarding school at 12 […]

Stereolab – Chemical Chords

Chemical Chords - Stereolab By Chris Peken It has been four long years since Stereolab's last album, six years since the death of backing singer Mary Hansen, and 18 years since they appeared on the music scene. While they have always been a distinctive mix of Kraut-rock, 60's girl-pop and hypnotic electronica, the band seems […]

Matmos – Supreme Balloon

Supreme Balloon - Matmos By Aidan Roberts If you can imagine a giant musical robot made entirely of vintage Korg and Yamaha synthesizers, vomiting patch-leads onto a technicoloured digital mixing console, then perhaps that circumstance may sound a little like this record. Matmos recorded this album entirely with synthesizers and sequencers, specifically avoiding the use […]

Orchestra Baobab – Made in Dakar

Made in Dakar - Orchestra Baobab By Chris Peken Orchestra Baobab are Africa's answer to the Buena Vista Social Club but oh so much more. Having begun in Senegal in the 1970's and then disbanded in 1985, Orchestra Baobab reunited in 2002 following the release of their first two albums. Now, some five years on the […]

Carla Bruni – Comme Si de Rien N’Etait (As If Nothing Had Happened)

Comme Si de Rien N'Etait (As If Nothing Had Happened) - Carla Bruni By Chris Peken i am thinking of submitting the following to the Department of Foreign Affairs before it goes to print. After all a bad review of an album by the wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy may have significant effects upon our […]

Beck – Modern Guilt

Modern Guilt - Beck By Aidan Roberts We've been waiting a little while now for the next incarnation of Beck, the ingenius creator of skewy pop hits and everyone's favourite Scientologist. He's moved on from the weepy ballads and bubble-gum pop extremes: here we have a denser, highly polished collection, branded distinctly by co-producer Danger […]

Stephen Cummings – Happiest Man Alive

Happiest Man Alive - Stephen Cummings By Chris Peken An artist that moves you, writing songs about the artists that move him. Raymond Chandler, Henry Miller and Edward Hopper all feature significantly on Stephen Cummings' new album Happiest Man Alive; they were influences on a young Cummings and are still relevant touch points for him today - both in […]