CD Reviews

Muthspiel, Grigoryan, Towner – From a Dream

From a Dream - Muthspiel, Grigoryan, Towner By Chris Peken Not to be mistaken for MGF (Machine Gun Fellatio), MGT (Muthspiel, Grigoryan, Towner) is a delicious proposition, Australia's three leading exponents of the classical guitar Wolfgang Muthspiel, Slava Grigoryan and Ralph Towner together on one album. A list of their solo achievements would be encyclopedic. Following the success of their first […]

We Grow Up – Night Kitchen

Night Kitchen - We Grow Up By Chris Peken What a lil' gem. This debut from Adelaide's We Grow Up is Unearthed's Black Swan, the unexpected surprise no-one could have predicted beyond the fact that their inevitably must be one. Amid the retro-rockers, the singer-songwriters, the new-wave neu-wave-eighties synthesiser revivalists comes the thoughtful, well-constructed pastoral-folk-pop […]

Sunshine Brothers – Greenpoint

Greenpoint - Sunshine Brothers by Aidan Roberts Sunshine Brothers, alt-reggae surf-rock groovesters from far Western Australia, give us a curiously urban record with Greenpoint. Presumably named after the suburb in Brooklyn NY famed for its affordable bars and polish coffee joints, they recorded the album in Daptone studios with Gabe Roth and George Nik (Sharon […]

Karma County – Headland

Headland - Karma County By Chris Peken Brendan Gallagher has the most congenial of smiles and the nimblest of fingers. His smooth fretwork on the acoustic guitar has produced five Karma County albums over the last 13 years, so now is as good a time as any to collect 36 songs - past, present and […]

Pico – Morning Sun

Morning Sun - Pico by Aidan Roberts Earnest is the word to describe this album from low-key song-man Pico, a collection of cross-seasonal musings and laid-back explorations of love, life and the rest. Nestling somewhere between Jack Johnson, Nick Drake and Neil Finn in flavour, we're treated to quite a colourful collection. Perhaps at times […]

Toni Childs – Keep the Faith

Keep the Faith - Toni Childs By Chris Peken A decade is a long time in the music industry where out of sight is very much out of mind. After recovering from Graves Disease, Toni Childs is back with her first album and tour in ten years, albeit with material primarily written in the mid-nineties. Childs has […]

The Woods Themselves – (C’mon) Do The Beach Thing

(C'mon) Do The Beach Thing - The Woods Themselves by Aidan Roberts Here we have it - the second album from The Woods Themselves, a sequel to their slow-burning debut album of 2005. Produced by Tony Dupe, once of the famous 'House by the Sea' in Gerroa, this isn't a glamorous or commercial release. What […]

Grafton Primary – Eon

  Eon - Grafton Primary By Chris Peken Pop has eaten itself, regurgitated its meal, and someone is consuming the same meal again. "There's no future, there's no yesterday / The moment that you hear this / Is all there is, is all there is" - if that refrain from Grafton Primary's All There Is doesn't […]

Monkey – Journey to the West

Journey to the West - Monkey by Aidan Roberts Well, Damon Albarn seems to have found his subject - monkeys. At first I registered confusion about this project - had Albarn seemingly ditched the rest of the Gorillaz to pursue his solo Monkey career' No, this is a very unique thing - Albarn has composed […]

The Drones – Havilah

Havilah - The Drones By Chris Peken The Drones are one of Australia's truly important bands, strutting the world stage with confidence and a sense of belonging. For the uninitiated The Drones are the latest descendants of an Australian blues trash tradition: imagine if J Mascus joined The Bad Seeds, or Neil Young and Keith Richards duelled […]