CD Reviews

The Black Seeds – Solid Ground

Solid Ground - The Black Seeds By Chris Peken Having perfected their own style of brass-heavy, festival-friendly reggae - populated with chilled grooves and the occasional detour into dub and funk - The Black Seeds' last two albums went platinum in hometown New Zealand. Album number four, Sold Ground, doesn't offer anything new, but will keep fans plenty […]

Chris Abrahams – The Tender Hook (Soundtrack)

The Tender Hook (Soundtrack) - Chris Abrahams by Aidan Roberts Chris Abrahams is an interesting fellow. The longstanding centrepiece of the art-jazz trio The Necks has forged a career and reputation as a unique experimental pianist and producer. This latest project is a film score for Michael Ogilvie's second feature The Tender Hook, starring Hugo […]

The Hold Steady – Stay Positive

Stay Positive - The Hold Steady By Chris Peken The Hold Steady's 2006 album Boys and Girls in America was a masterpiece, a zenith for a band who has eschewed fad and fashion for Thin Lizzy twin guitar attack and E Street band keyboards with smatterings of Zeppelin and Bob Mould Husker Du. Where Boys […]

Deerhunter – Microcastle

Microcastle - Deerhunter By Aidan Roberts Now here is a dark horse in the indie sector - Deerhunter, with their trippy psychedelic walls of noise and harmony, return from their last album Cryptograms with Microcastle, a slightly subtler mix which hails less to their maniacal electronic psychedelia and more to the spooked-out garage of early […]

Neilsen Gough – Beautiful Dream

Beautiful Dream - Neilsen Gough By Aidan Roberts No-one would have expected, in this current musical climate, that we'd see anything of the old school popular jazz world surfacing in the local Sydney scene. It's a tough art form to do well, but Neilsen Gough is a trumpeter-vocalist with enough skill and road experience to […]

Mogwai – The Hawk is Howling

The Hawk is Howling - Mogwai By Chris Peken How can you not love an album that begins with a track called I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead' The beauty of being an instrumental band is that if it doesn't have to be sung, then a song title can be anything that takes the bands fancy, and Mogwai's […]

Jenny Lewis – Acid Tounge

Acid Tongue - Jenny Lewis By Chris Peken Some of you may know Jenny Lewis from her time as front woman of Rilo Kiley, most will not know her at all. It doesn't matter. Only two albums into a solo career and Ms Lewis has stamped herself as a woman who needs to be heard […]

Dodos – Visiter

Visiter - Dodos by Aidan Roberts There's always something interesting about a small ensemble. Whether by necessity at not having more comrades to fill the bill or as an expression in minimalism, these two guys have gotten together and formed a band that feels many members stronger for the vivacity of their hyped up folk […]

Sekret Sekret – Happy Town Sounds

Happy Town Sounds - Sekret Sekret by Aidan Roberts It's always exciting to hear archival re-releases of an Australian band, as 70's and 80's underground records are a rare and precious thing. Here we have a freshly curated double-disc retrospective of psychedelic folk-rock pubsters Sekret Sekret, perhaps best known for their fun 1979 single New […]

Augie March – Watch Me Disappear

Watch Me Disappear - Augie March By Chris Peken It will come as no surprise to anyone who has heard Augie March's latest single Pennywhistle, to learn that their new album Watch Me Disappear was recorded at Neil Finn's Roundhead studios in New Zealand. Not that Glenn Richards needs too many tips in the songwriting department, but one can only […]