Dark Whispers, Vol. 1

Dark Whispers, Vol 1 is an Australian anthology of psychological horror shorts all directed by women. The collection of disparate tales is threaded together by a through-line in which Andrea Demetriades plays a woman who goes to pack up the home of her recently deceased mother and discovers a leather-bound book of short horror stories. […]

After The Wedding

This is a remake of the 2006 Danish film of the same name. The two male protagonists in the original have been substituted with two females: Michelle Williams as Isabel who runs an orphanage in India, and Julianne Moore as Theresa, the wealthy entrepreneur and philanthropist. The story begins with Isabel in India, meditating with […]

Ready Or Not

Ready Or Not is a satire/ horror film starring our very own Samara Weaving who plays a newlywed bride, Grace, and has just married into a very wealthy and very ‘fucked-up’ family. The Le Domas family. What ensues is a game of hide and seek which becomes a hunt with the Le Domas family fully armed and […]


People who can relate to the cultural references in this film may get a handful of laughs - they may even have moments of empathy - but for the most part, and for most people, this will be one long cringe. Set in an Australian suburb in the 1970s, the story revolves around two Italian […]

Zombieland: Double Tap

Strangely the sequel to 2009's sleeper hit, Zombieland, comes lumbering its way into cinemas 10 years later. Although 10 years have passed in our world that is not the case in the Zombieland universe. When Zombieland: Double Tap opens we’ve only progressed forward in time slightly. Our core protagonists Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Wichita (Emma Stone), Tallahassee […]

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

In this second instalment of Disney’s re-imagined Sleeping Beauty story, we open with Princess Aurora in the forest racking her brain over how to unite the creatures of the Moors and humans of King John’s kingdom, when Prince Philip appears and proposes to her. Marriage! Problem solved. Not so fast - there’s still two hours […]

The Portal

The premise - and the promise - of this new documentary by Jacqui Fifer is well-intentioned but completely under-delivered. The logline describes it as a film about meditation, higher ideals, human connection, and it proposes a “what if” that involved a universal consciousness, but none of that transpires. This is choppy and incoherent, suffering from too […]


This film examines the life of Judy Garland from 1968 when she left the US owing to waning work opportunities and arrived in London to perform in a sell-out season at The Talk Of The Town nightclub. Incredibly Judy Garland was broke and left her two young children under the care of her ex-husband who […]

The King

Shakespeare is pushed to the side in this remarkable contemporary adaptation of the iconic historical story of King Henry V of England. The King is quintessentially a film which surfaces occasionally and must be watched by all audiences regardless of taste owing to the incredible performances and high production values. The musical score and cinematography […]

Art Attack – Ride Like A Girl

In the second piece of exciting news, box office numbers are in from last week’s film openings and the Australian film Ride Like A Girl has become the highest grossing Australian film of the year after less than two weeks in cinemas.