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36 Husbands

36 Husbands is true community film-making. The cast and crew spent five months traveling and working together with a tiny budget, with many playing both on and off-screen roles. The film follows the story of three powerful women with masterful kung-fu skills. They’re employed by an unidentified organisation as spies, tasked with luring 36 men […]

Wild Butterfly: The Claire Murray Story

Wild Butterfly is a documentary which reflects on the tragic life and passing of Perth's Claire Murray. At just 24 years old Murray passed following complications associated with a failed liver transplant. However, there is much more to her story. This documentary uses dramatised reenactments to reveal that as a young girl Murray was sexually […]


Classic literature enthusiasts should warm to this latest engaging instalment of Jane Austen’s Emma. Living on a beautiful country estate with her draft-obsessed father (Bill Nighy), Emma Woodhouse (Anya Taylor-Joy) is vain, snobbish and well-meaning in her way. She enjoys match-making, and although declaring married life is not for her, shows a keen interest in […]

RIFF RAFF – Oscar Party

By Mark Morellini There’s something inexplicably exciting in attending the Oscar’s Party at the Hoyts Lux Broadway each year! Is it because most of the invitees are dressed in their best Hollywood glamour attire which heightens the atmosphere of elegance? Or is it perhaps that watching the awards presentation on the silver screen while sipping […]


Darkly entrancing, this remarkable period psychological horror film meticulously details the mental breakdown of two lighthouse keepers serving on a desolate rock island. Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson deliver career enriching performances as the two lost souls who slowly succumb to their isolated existence and alcohol abuse. Pattinson who selects his film projects wisely since […]

A Guide To Second Date Sex

A couple meet at a club and decide to go out on a date. An awkward first date leads to a second in which each hopes to improve their maneuvers but instead manage to embarrass themselves and each other by trying too hard to impress. A familiar state of play for any two people trying to […]


Kirsten Stewart portrays the downward spiral of actress Jean Seberg as she is hounded, spied upon and humiliated by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI as part of an operation aimed at discrediting the American civil rights movements of the 1960s. Returning to the U.S. after becoming a star of French New Wave cinema, her passion for […]

A Hidden Life

A hauntingly beautiful film written and directed by Terrence Malick starring August Diehl and Valerie Pachner as a young couple grappling with the conflict of conscience and duty when faced with the threat of losing their way of life due to the spread of Nazism. Franz and his wife are simple farmers living a peaceful […]


‘What did the rat say when it walked into a wall? Damn!’ Such is the banal dialogue in the new sci-fi blockbuster wannabe, Underwater. The film is actually an ‘homage’ to Alien but without the tension, the drama or the three dimensional characters in conflict not only with, the creature, but with each other as well. […]

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

This film is probably deeply nostalgic for several generations of Americans. It’s based on the host of an extremely popular children’s television show, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, which ran from 1968 to 2001. Tom Hanks plays the impossibly affable Fred Rogers during the latter part of his career. He’s fragile, very slow and deliberate in speech, […]