Jojo Rabbit

There’s grandiose audacity in Taika Waititi even considering making a comedy based on Nazism and he certainly goes full-throttle with his signature brand of humour. This film will definitely divide people, not least because of the subject matter. In short, Johannes “Jojo”  Betzler (Roman Griffin Davis) is a 10-year-old boy in the Hitler youth who […]

The Truth

This French film, spoken mostly in French by actors who do not speak Japanese was written and directed by Hirokazu Koreeda who can only speak Japanese. And yet, the result is a film that feels authentic and nuanced. The title references a continuous theme throughout the movie, specifically, the lack of the truth. Fabienne (Catherine […]

Sorry We Missed You

Ken Loach’s latest film, Sorry We Missed You, which again deals with the gritty social realism of being ‘working class’ in England is a biting commentary on the power of franchise operators. With tentacles spread far and wide in England and indeed all over the world, working people are finding themselves trapped and indebted to companies that […]

Black Christmas

Honestly, will filmmakers ever come up with an original story for a slasher/horror film? Every possible murderous plot has been done to death (no pun intended!) and yet these films continue to be rehashed! Black Christmas surrounds a group of sorority sisters who are spending the cold winter Christmas break on campus and soon after […]

Marianne & Leonard – Words Of Love

Nick Broomfield’s documentary focuses on the ill-fated relationship between Leonard Cohen and his Norwegian muse Marianne Ihlen. Their affair blossomed in the golden age of life on the idyllic island of Hydra in the late 60s, when the community of ex-pat artists who had found their way there, including Australia’s Charmian Clift and George Johnston, […]

The Addams Family

References to other (more original) movies, gross-out humour (phlegm and candles make a good match), bombs (whyyyy?), and a moral message about as subtle as a town called Assimilation (not kidding). The Addams Family is an amusing little waste of time sure to please a few and none very much. At their wedding, Morticia and Gomez are […]

Where’s My Roy Cohn

Roy Cohn might have been a small-framed man but he managed to block out the sun wherever he went. At age 23, he was the brash, obscenely confident chief counsel to Senator Joseph McCarthy during the infamous Communist witch hunt of the 1950s. Though that all ended in scandal and disgrace, Cohn went on to […]

Hermitage: The Power Of Art

Despite the distance and politics, Russian culture tingles curious minds of Sydney art lovers. After Alexander The Great: 2000 Years Of Treasures (2012) and Masters Of Modern Art From The Hermitage (2018-2019) exhibitions, Hermitage: The Power Of Art is coming to the big screen to introduce the home of the world-class art collection. The Great Beauty star Tony Servillo walks the viewer through […]

Knives Out

This is a deliciously witty, star-choked satire that takes the classic Agatha Christie formula and stirs in some absurdity and loads of fun. Rian Johnson wrote and directed the film and an impeccable cast brings it to life around a death. Although it’s being touted as a whodunnit, that mystery is answered midway (although there […]

Pain And Glory

This has been widely regarded as a quasi-autobiographical work by Pedro Almodovar; it is certainly clear that it is deeply personal to him. There is an intimacy in the script, a warmth and intensity that indicates the director’s deep connection to the story. Antonio Banderas plays Salvador Mallo, a director who is battling with emotional […]