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Glitz, Glam & Gay Honours

By Rita Bratovich The inherent defiance, solidarity, grit, and creativity among members of the LGBTI community has helped it not only survive but triumph in the face of uncommon adversity. Dealing with crisis after crisis including legal discrimination, hate crimes, and the AIDS epidemic, the community has often had to turn inward for support, leading […]


By Mark Morellini David Rokach is the Festival and Artistic Director of The Antenna Documentary Film Festival and has carefully curated a captivating program of 38 feature-length documentaries and 10 shorts from 23 countries around the globe. His passion for documentary films is evident as he speaks about documentaries, the festival and his cinematic recommendations….. […]


By Mark Morellini Australia’s international documentary film festival returns for its eighth edition, presenting 38 stimulating feature-length films and 10 shorts from 23 countries. Australia is prominent with a selection of 16 films. Each year this festival grows in popularity, evident from the new partnership Antenna has established with Dendy Newtown, which means that documentary […]

John Butler Is Home

Over the course of his 20 year music career John Butler has carved out a large slice of the pie for himself, and his band the John Butler Trio, by becoming Australia’s highest selling independent artist of all time. With his career spanning two decades though Butler has witnessed dramatic and dynamic shifts both within […]

Deconstructing Architecture

By Rita Bratovich The Sydney Architecture Festival returns for its twelfth year with a program of events that will appeal to professionals, amateurs and the curious. With the overarching theme (excuse the pun) being “what makes a building truly great”, the festival will host a series of talks, exhibits and tours that explore architecture past […]

Pyrmont Festival 2018

By Rita Bratovich If you keep getting a niggling feeling that something’s been missing this year, it’s probably because Pyrmont Festival didn’t occur in May as it has done for the last seven years. Don’t despair, it’s coming back for an eighth time and making a spectacular debut as a Spring event.  The popular food, […]

Laughing With Those On The Fringe

As the Sydney Fringe Festival continues to grow and evolve it still has one main focus which is to ‘highlight, amplify and promote the work of local Sydney artists to the world.’ The Sydney Fringe is the perfect conduit to highlight Sydney’s unique artistic voice because the city’s creative scene is ‘brave, new, imaginative, challenging […]

REVIEW: Mum, Me & The IED

A stage play has finally been produced which honestly depicts the plight of Australian soldiers deployed to Afghanistan and their torturous on-going battle with war-induced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, long after returning home. Ron is a young former army medic who has been sent to a soldier recovery unit back home. He claims his ‘mind […]

Festival Free For All

Currently around the world the entertainment industry is striving to be more inclusive for everyone. The latest battleground has been waged in the fields of music festivals as there has been a call for a more equitable distribution of genders, ethnicities and sexualities on music festival lineups. This latest skirmish was sparked upon the release […]

Sydney Guitar Festival

Worldwide there is no other instrument more recognisable, even just by it’s silhouette, than the guitar. The guitar’s popularity across the globe stems from its versatility in regards to sounds, genre and culture. For some players, like Peter Northcote, it even has a spiritual connection that is unrivalled. “The guitar is connected to you, it’s […]