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The Lockdown Survival Kit: Streaming Tips and Tricks

As Sydneysiders shift to a new working and learning from home reality we all need to wrap our heads around the concept of streaming. To help make this transition easier City Hub spoke with veteran streamer Cat Benstead about her top tips, tricks and the essentials of entering the streaming space. The biggest thing Benstead […]

The Lockdown Survival Kit: Role Play It!

We all play many roles in everyday life outside the home. Roles like boss, employee, client, football player, entertainer, farmer, librarian, waiter, travel agent and lots more. Many of us are now unable to play those roles in everyday life anymore as we are stuck inside trying to keep it all together. What to do? […]

The Lockdown Survival Kit: Working From Home Strategies

There are many companies who have decided to go online during the coronavirus isolation period, and many have had to adapt different criteria which changes the way they operate entirely. We have even seen the nation’s football teams play without spectators. Many are feeling a little sad for footy coaches and trainers but what about […]

The Lockdown Survival Kit: Recipe Rescue

It’s not just toilet paper any more. By now we’ve all filled our cupboards to overload and we are hoping all that food will last in case the supermarkets suddenly run out completely and cannot be restocked. No amount of reassurance seems to be helping as far as food is concerned. All those cooking shows […]

The Lockdown Survival Kit: Gaming To Escape Social Isolation

Now that entertainment venues have been closed for an unspecified time period Sydneysiders are desperate for entertainment options at home. Perhaps they should consider gaming, which is often overlooked despite rivalling Hollywood as a revenue generator. As we all head into this new 'social distancing' world there were luckily two very different games released last […]

The Lockdown Survival Kit: Vintage, Retro & Cool Board Games

With all the panic that’s been going on lately it’s clear we all need to take a step back, forward, over, across and, definitely a step up. Welcome to the game of Twister a seriously fun game which first hit world fame in 1966 when featured on the Johnny Carson Show with Carson and Eva Gabor, […]

The Lockdown Survival Kit: Staying Fit In Isolation

With gyms closed for the foreseeable future we're all looking for ways to stay fit and healthy. While we could go for a simple walk alone that could quickly become monotonous, boring and quite frankly not as fulling a full body gym session. Luckily fitness instructors are finding innovative ways to deliver their classes, not […]


As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic continues to worsen around the country, and particularly here in Sydney, drastic measures have been implemented to keep the community safe. As of 9am Wednesday, March 18 Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his government enacted a policy which has seen all "non-essential indoor public gatherings of greater than 100 and […]

Kaleidoscope Of Culture

By Madison Behringer Unfortunately due to concerns surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus) Parramasala will no longer be happening this weekend according to a statement from the City Of Parramatta council. "Following significant feedback from communities and growing concerns over COVID-19, the Parramasala Board has made the difficult decision to postpone the 2020 Parramasala Festival. The safety and […]

Giant Dwarf Left Homeless

By Madison Behringer After operating as a vibrant and thriving venue in the heart of Sydney for six years, Giant Dwarf Theatre is being forced to relocate due to a massive rent increase. Co-founders Nikita Agzarian and Julian Morrow set up shop at 199 Cleveland Street in Redfern in 2014 after signing a lease with […]