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The Folded Lie

A new original podcast collaboration between Frances Morgan, Miles Martignoni (Guardian Australia / Heaps Good Media) and Ellen Leabeater (2SER 107.3) launched recently and is taking the podcast world by storm. The Folded Lie reflects on a killing that happened during one of Australia’s largest industrial conflicts—the Great Strike of 1917. At the height of […]

Stu Spence – When a Man Snaps

Stu Spence is a former TV host, renowned photojournalist, fine art photographer and writer. In his career, he has snapped the likes of Kylie Minogue and Michael Hutchence to You Am I, Nicole Kidman and many others. As a writer, Stu has contributed columns and features for magazines, online publications and newspapers. “I see these […]

REVIEW: Sirius

It’s Brutal. Our heritage is on The Rocks. Over-development is getting Sirius. The puns come easily, but it really isn’t a laughing matter. While developers appear to slash and burn across the city without impediment, activists have come out in force and proverbially chained themselves to the trunk of the 1980s brutalist social housing building, […]

Tania Lacy and ‘Tweendom’

It’s 8:25 in the morning and Tania Lacy is on the phone from Berlin. For me, it’s been one of those days in one of those weeks. To cap it off the ‘tech’ gremlins have been at work, so it’s been a long phone call coming. GREG: “I can’t believe I’m actually talking to you?” […]

Tania Lacy – Tracy Lacy For Classy Captain

Tania Lacy’s bio reads like most people’s bucket list. Dancer, choreographer, television host, comedienne, screenwriter and actor but in her latest book, Tracy Lacy For Classy Captain, she has found a sweet spot. It’s the second of her quirky graphic novels pitched somewhere between Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries. Written with tween girls […]

VOLUME – Another Art Book Fair

Are you an aspiring writer? or love cartoons and picture books? If that’s you then, the Another Art Book Fair at the Artspace in Sydney is the place to be. In it’s second running the fair is attracting thousands of people with over 77 international and local publishers exhibiting their works over three days. Over the […]


The first book in a planned series, Jack Gregson & The Forgotten Portal is an enchanting and fast-paced children’s novel that will grab your imagination and leave you wanting the next instalment immediately. The series starts in the stately Gregson Manor, owned for hundreds of years by the Gregson family. The family has a magical […]

Word Travels’ Story-Fest

Poetry and writing give people an incredible amount of catharsis and empowerment especially when performing their works in front of an audience. Word Travels’ Story-Fest is a unique writers festival dedicated to the art of spoken word and it includes forums, workshops, comedy and poetry slams. Starting from humble beginnings as a small open mic event […]

Bill Nye Live In Australia

He looks like he could be the next Dr Who, but this eccentric, bow-tie attired scientist was born in Washington DC and probably hasn’t done any time-travelling - although, with Bill Nye, you can never be sure. However, we do know that his visit to Australia next month will be his first to this continent. […]

Exploring the Post-Soviet Novel

Lovers of Russian novels know Tolstoy and Dostoevsky from the nineteenth century, and Pasternak and Solzhenitsyn from the twentieth, but what have Russian writers produced since the fall of Communism in 1991? In a series of lectures at the Art Gallery in October and November, Irina Dunn will introduce you to exciting new Russian novelists […]