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Short+Sweet Festival: 16 Years Young

BY ROCIO BELINDA MENDEZ The notorious ‘biggest, little theatre festival in the world’, is celebrating it’s sweet 16th this year in its city of origin – Sydney! A now global festival, Short+Sweet is presenting contemporary, experimental, artistic, and exciting works that challenge, inform and entertain their audience; all within the short span of 10 minutes. […]


Paterson (Adam Driver) is a bus driver, and a secret poet – with a secret notebook. Laura (Golshifteh Farahani) his beautiful partner; is an evolving, creative, artistic muse that nurtures his talent, and adds flair to their mundane, daily lives. We follow Paterson, who lives in the town of Paterson, New Jersey, for an entire […]

Beth Hart – Fire On The Floor

Beth Hart’s Fire on The Floor takes you on a delectable voyage – first stop a jazzy, fiery feast – Heart’s voice delivering strength and sass in spades. Next, smooth silky ballads invite you to sway in agreement, sadness, and intimacy. Heart and soul shine through the verses. Nuances in tone, delivery, breath and timing married […]

Me Before You

Me Before You is a romantic drama that paves a light-heartedness throughout a confronting, profound context. Luisa (Emilia Clarke) is breathtakingly charming as caretaker for a recently paralysed Will (Sam Claflin). While the story has its predictabilities, it also has surprises within them. Notable nuances by Clarke and Claflin shift this film from tolerable to pleasurable. […]

Short+Sweet Voices Workshop 2016

This mass a cappella choral-music-festival is back by popular demand, with a very successful previous year to their name. Short+Sweet Voices is a charming, inviting program, showcasing vocal performers, choirs, and conductors – all unaccompanied, in 10 minute segments. Due to unforseen circumstances the Heats and Gala Final have been postponed, organisers are looking to reappoint the […]


Stephen Page, the artistic director of Bangarra Dance Theatre, is no stranger to interpreting and developing stories of Indigenous Australia on an international scale. With Spear, he transcends the stage and uses the land, and its breathtaking variations on film, as a backdrop to an amazing, heart felt, vital form of storytelling that moves you […]

The Poor Kitchen

The Poor Kitchen by Daniela Giorgi is sizzling up a tasty treat this February in Newtown's Old 505 Theatre. Directed by Paul Gilchrist, featuring Mark Langham, Samantha Meisner, Katrina Rautenberg, Randa Sayed and Benjamin Winkle. This unique production is set in Southern Italy where the food is delicious, the people are gorgeous, and the pasta […]


Freeheld is a very society-relevant drama centred around Laurel Hester (Julianne Moore), a New Jersey police detective that learns of her diagnosis with lung cancer, and struggles to have her domestic partner, Stacie (Ellen Page), made beneficiary for her pension. A true story that had the resources and foundation to be a noble masterpiece, but […]

Review: The Real Thing

Tom Stoppard's The Real Thing is a theatrical comedy/drama focused on two central characters––Henry (Christopher Tomkinson) a successful playwright, and Annie (Ainslie McGlynn) his mistress-turned-wife. The entire cast are involved in the inevitably precarious dance of fidelity. Instantly amusing from the beginning, this play is filled with dry English humour. Quick and witty repartee, along with comical facial expressions from […]

Review: Kitty Flanagan – Seriously?

Kitty Flanagan's zealous performance is engaging from the get go. With genuine, booming laughs cascading down the packed theatre –– produced by a relaxed, confident Kitty simply sharing her hilarious experiences, and taking us along for the ride. Letting the eager audience into her life with stories and interpretations from a middle-aged, single woman's point of view. […]