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White Hex – Gold Nights

The second album from Melbourne’s White Hex – accomplished purveyors of dark wave synth pop – is a seductive affair that doesn’t quite subscribe to neat categories. Fans of Siousxie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, Dead Can Dance, New Order, Depeche Mode and various goth bands will detect some kinship here but ultimately, White Hex have […]

Leroy’s Layabouts – Smokin’

Leroy's Layabouts, who first appeared on the Sydney jazz and blues scene in the mid ’70s, are back with new album Smokin’, – featuring nine new songs and seven "from the vault”. Predominantly a blues and saxophone jazz album, it harks back to the ’50s and the boys sound as if they might have literally […]

Runner – Cloud Kingdom

Sometimes a band will come out of nowhere (or in this case, Perth – which is almost the same thing) to take you by surprise. Runner is one such band. The cover art for their debut album Cloud Kingdom instills feelings of soaring, atmospheric beauty – a theme that continues when pressing play. Vocals are […]

Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence

In 2012, Lana Del Rey made people sit up and take notice with Born To Die – the album’s murky, cinematic sound and ‘damaged goods’ lyrical schtick capturing the zeitgeist. The new album Ultraviolence doesn’t deviate from that path – this record can be summed up as ‘more of the same’. There’s a certain appeal […]

Frente – Marvin The Album – 21st Anniversary Edition

It’s 21 years since Australia’s breeziest indie pop band, Frente, released Marvin The Album – and in 2014, it sounds as good as ever. Better, even – thanks to deft remastering and the inclusion of extra tracks. Joining songs from the 1994 Australian release (including Ordinary Angels, No Time and Accidently Kelly Street) are tracks […]

Chrissy Hynde – Stockholm

As The Pretenders’ frontwoman Chrissy Hynde has been a rock mainstay since the late ’70s but she’s never released a solo album – until now. Longtime Pretenders fans aren’t in for any surprises here, though: Stockholm, named after the Scandinavian city in which it was recorded, is very much Pretenders territory – which is fair […]

Parralox – Recovery

Melbourne electro-pop outfit Parralox are a revelation. A band whose music is so well-produced, so flawless, so perfect, it takes your breath away. For their fifth studio album, the group turned their hand to covering some of the greatest songs of the late 20th Century – that special period in which popular music arguably reached […]

Laura Pausini – Greatest Hits

She’s been a star across continental Europe for two decades yet Laura Pausini is still a relative unknown in Australia. But as shown by her upcoming concert at the Qantas Credit Union Arena (formerly the Sydney Entertainment Centre) she’s picked up a fair few local fans, with thousands of Sydneysiders willing to part with their […]

Fishing – Shy Glow

After peddling their music via singles, EPs and FBi Radio for several years, Sydney duo, Fishing, have finally released their debut album. Packed with loops, samples and synths, it’s fitting that it's launch is an official part of the Vivid Sydney Festival – it’s exactly the sort of music you’ll hear while standing outside the MCA […]

Jeff Lang – I Live In My Head A Lot These Days

It’s only June but the fifteenth studio album from Jeff Lang can confidently be proclaimed one of the Australian albums of 2014. Haunting, wistful, and lyrically poignant, it sees Lang turn his brand of rock, blues and folk to melancholic subject matters such as lost love (Petra Goes To The Movies), the march of time […]