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The Judas Kiss

When Oscar Wilde died in a Paris flat in 1900, commenting on the dreary wallpaper, he probably had a notion that his lifestyle, writings and witticisms would have a long legacy. Maybe even longer than he had imagined. A century (or so) later, playwright David Hare has written The Judas Kiss, presented now by Red […]

Sculpture by the Sea 2016

In local parlance, the walk from Bondi to Bronte is known as the goat trail. In all seasons, it is a beautiful wander, encompassing Bondi, Tamarama and Bronte. Sculpture by the Sea takes advantage of the landscapes to showcase artists local and global. This year, more than 100 artists from 17 countries exhibit their art in the beach and cliffside environment, stretching across two kilometres. Started 20 years ago by founding director David Handley, the free […]

Hidden – A Rookwood Sculpture Walk

Cemeteries are intrinsically ambiguous places, commemorating death and life at once. Many people visit them for contemplation of both, and Rookwood Cemetery adds another dimension with Hidden, a sculpture walk through the oldest part of the grounds. Since 1867, the cemetery, one of the oldest in Australia and reputedly the largest necropolis in the Southern […]

Never Did Me Any Harm

In this dance production, co-produced by Force Majeure and Sydney Theatre Company, Alan Flower plays various roles including a child and a father. The story examines modern parenting, and the many ways to get it wrong, right, or somewhere in between. Inspired by Christos Tsiolkas’ The Slap, Flower also described it as a way of […]

Hay Fever – presented by STC

So much of modern comedy owes to the wry slapstick of Noel Coward. Clever and droll, his characters are always ready for another dry martini or a classy misstep. The Sydney Theatre Company presents Hay Fever, first produced in 1925. For fans of Noel Coward, this tale of naughty people is among his earliest and […]

The Tribe

Author and playwright Michael Mohammed Ahmad has adapted his novel The Tribe, with director Janice Muller, into a play now staged by Belvoir Theatre and Urban Theatre Projects. The story features a child’s view of the Muslim-Australian experience, growing up in Sydney’s west, and immersed in the world of immigrants who don’t care about lurid tales […]

Dead Centre/Sea Wall

Co-presented by Red Stitch Actors and Red Line Productions, Dead Centre/Sea Wall consists of two companion monologues – Sea Wall by acclaimed British playwright Simon Stephens and Dead Centre by equally renowned Australian playwright Tom Holloway. The latter was commissioned to further explore themes of love, loss and grief. Director Julian Meyrick explained that Dead Centre provides “additional room […]

Theatre Review: Detroit

“Detroit” is a tricky play. It starts in one place and lands in another entirely. The play’s pedigree, nominated for a Pulitzer in 2011, warns that it is not a simple, modern comedy. The premise is funny, lulling, and ultimately devastating. A sort-of settled couple, Mary (Lisa Chappell) and Ben (Ed Wightman), live in a […]


A wide success in America, winning an Obie and placing as a finalist for the Pulitzer prize, Detroit is coming to Australia for its debut at Darlinghurst Theatre Company. The play frankly presents the financial blow-out of its namesake city (Detroit was amongst the most hard-hit in the country) and features two couples, both in […]

Review: Mother Courage and Her Children

Belvoir’s interpretation of one of Bertolt Brecht’s most widely-staged shows, Mother Courage and Her Children (1941), is a lively, episodic depiction of wartime society, hedonism and profiteering. Set during a longtime conflict somewhere in Northern Europe during the 30-year War (early 17th century), the specifics of the politics are basically incomprehensible to the people who suffer […]