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Still Life With Chickens

This show has a crazy premise, involving a woman who develops a relationship with a chicken who somehow teaches her life lessons. Renowned New Zealand/Samoan actress Goretti Chadwick (Mama) features in the Kiwi award-winning show, Still Life With Chickens, making its one Australian stop at the Riverside Theatre.  From Auckland Theatre Company, Still Life With […]


In the documentary 2040, addressing possible solutions to climate change, director Damon Gameau (That Sugar Movie) accurately describes his quest as “factual dreaming.” Framed as a message to his young daughter and her 2040 self, the film follows a global journey to discover what impact existing technologies, if realised now, would look like in 2040. […]

2019 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize

The Moran Photographic Prize asks snappers to submit images reflecting life in Australia. This year, the winners of the main prize ($50,000), Tamara Dean, and the student prizes ($2,000 to $5,000, with an equal amount going to their school), have chosen subjects that seem to be on a similar spectrum, in that they both explore […]

Top End Wedding

An unabashed romantic comedy, Top End Wedding is at times amusing, moving, trite and memorable. Its difference from mainstream rom-coms with its connection to first nation culture. Actress and co-writer Miranda Tapsell (with Joshua Tyler) and director Wayne Blair are aboriginal, they worked together on The Sapphires, and together give this movie a distinctively Australian approach.  […]

Pet Sematary

The mood of Pet Sematary is so creepy, gathering flowers would have menace. It’s full of boos and squeaks, as befits a well-made scary movie. Hinges screech, thunder arrives, and the worst of actions are enacted on a forbidden hill in the dead of night.  Welcome to Stephen King country, where little makes sense and […]

White Rabbit Gallery: Hot Blood

Globalisation, once nearly exclusively the realm of mega-corporations and big business, is spreading its wings in what one art critic has called the “post-passport generation.” White Rabbit Gallery’s latest show, Hot Blood, showcases predominantly emerging artists from China and explores themes of history and identity in contemporary times, often through the use of new and cutting-edge […]

At Eternity’s Gate

In the biopic At Eternity’s Gate, director Julian Schnabel tries to communicate Vincent van Gogh’s relationship to art and nature vividly, using both filming style and colour to sometimes startling effect. In his time, Van Gogh was an “outsider” artist, practising his particular methods in self-exile in the small community of Arles in southern France, […]

Free Solo

Sheer rock cliff walls are as manifest as mountains, with as much reason to climb: because they’re there. In the film Free Solo, the titular form of rock climbing done alone without ropes or any equipment is presented as a lunatic yet somehow pure pursuit. It is Alex Honnold’s dream to climb El Capitan, a 3,200-foot, […]

STAR WARS Identities: The Exhibition

If you want to meet the major and minor characters of the Star Wars films, then Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition, the blockbuster show at the Powerhouse, is the place to be. If you want a lesson in human development thrown in, then ditto. A curious combination to say the least, but the movies as […]


When Franz Kafka wrote the short story The Metamorphosis (published in 1915), he probably didn’t foresee that it would become a classic of absurdist literature, nor that his name would spawn a category of experience, “Kafkaesque.” The term encompasses the bizarre, the oppressive and the sense of alienation on the cusp of World War I, but […]