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Black Christmas

Honestly, will filmmakers ever come up with an original story for a slasher/horror film? Every possible murderous plot has been done to death (no pun intended!) and yet these films continue to be rehashed! Black Christmas surrounds a group of sorority sisters who are spending the cold winter Christmas break on campus and soon after […]

Persian Film Festival 2019

The 8th Persian Film Festival comes to Sydney and its popularity is on the increase, evident from the addition of two venues which will reach a wider audience. “Our program has grown three times and due to its success Palace Cinemas have become our venue partner, having their backing has allowed us to expand ” enthused […]

War Horse

The National Theatre of Great Britain’s Olivier and Tony-Award winning production of War Horse returns to Sydney and audiences should be enchanted by this uniquely spectacular piece of theatre which has won more than 25 international awards. This story about friendship, love, loyalty, family and trust surrounds a young man’s quest to find his horse […]

War Horse – Full Interview With Matthew Forbes (Associate Puppetry Director)

By Mark Morellini Matthew Forbes is the Associate Puppetry Director of War Horse, the incredible show which audiences all around the world have fallen in love with. In this interview, Forbes explains in depth all that happens behind the scenes and the wizardry of the puppeteers who make this the must-see show of the year! […]

REVIEW: Little Miss Sunshine

Two words aptly describe the Sydney premiere production of Little Miss Sunshine which is based on the 2006 smash hit film by the same name – absolutely delightful!! The story follows the journey of an extremely dysfunctional yet strangely inspirational family as they embark on a long road trip from New Mexico to California. The […]

Trevor Ashley – The Lyin’ Queen

What would transpire if the films The Lion King, Jurassic Park, and King Kong were all combined and pushed into one satirical show? A riotous adults-only romp starring iconic Sydney drag artist Trevor Ashley, which parodies everything from Australian politics to shows like I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! “I play Gay Wray […]

Ford v Ferrari

Fasten your safety belts, apply your earplugs and get set for the ride of your life as Matt Damon and Christian Bale join forces in this biographical sports drama, where Ford and Ferrari fight for world supremacy in the 1966 Le Mans race in France. Ford v Ferrari details the efforts of American engineers led […]

Japanese Film Festival 2019

The 23rd Japanese Film Festival arrives in Sydney with a program of 29 feature films and one documentary which is certain to generate much interest amongst the discerning movie-going public. Japanese cinema has progressively gained more attention in recent years, especially since the Cannes award-winning film Shoplifters garnered global prominence. “Most of the western world […]

The Furies

Sometimes a film can be is so bad that it's good but unfortunately, The Furies is just appallingly awful! The synopsis is promising and would allure horror enthusiasts– Kayla and six other women are abducted and dumped in a forest and hunted by a group of masked men wielding axes and machetes. What transpires is […]

Little Monsters

Aussie filmmakers have always had a problem producing comedies that have audiences rolling down the aisles in fits of laughter – until now. Little Monsters tells of a washed-out musician who goes on a school excursion with a bunch of adorable six-year-olds (and a gorgeous teacher) to a farm overrun by zombies. What transpires is […]