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Men’s Mental Health In The Spotlight – Happy Sad Man Interview

Think about this staggering statistic from Beyond Blue: blokes make up an average of six out of eight suicides every day in Australia.  Critically acclaimed Director/Producer of recently released Happy Sad Man, Genevieve Bailey, followed five Aussie men over a period of seven years and found that even men who appear ‘happy’ on the outside […]

Happy Sad Man

Happy Sad Man is many things. A portrayal of five very different men. A glimpse into what it’s like to suffer from a mental illness on a day-to-day basis. An examination of what it is to be a man.  Australian filmmaker Genevieve Bailey follows a war photographer, a farmer, a musical nomad, an artist and […]


Galveston opens with New Orleans hitman Roy Cady diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 40. He hasn’t done the best things with his life, and he intends to go out with a bang. Once Roy figures out the plot against him, he plans revenge. But will his relationship with Rocky be his downfall […]

Anna And The Apocalypse

A British Christmas movie that’s also a zombie musical? There’s a lot going on in Anna And The Apocalypse.  This is a coming-of-age film with its fair share of teenage angst, not to mention the virus that appears suddenly and slowly turns the whole town of Little Haven (not to mention the world) into zombies.  […]


Gut-wrenching, devastating and incredibly sad, Guilty re-enacts the final 72-hours in the life of Myuran Sukumaran, the Bali-9 convicted criminal who became an accomplished artist while in Kerobokan prison.  Myuran was killed in 2015 by a firing squad, along with fellow Australian Andrew Chan, and this documentary is a portrait of a man facing execution, […]

Nothing To Lose

Visualise a cast of people categorised by society as fat. Imagine if instead of feeling bad about themselves, they felt empowered, alive and unashamed. Enter Nothing To Lose, a production which was designed to reclaim dance and movement for people with larger bodies. Choreographer Kate Champion joined forces with queer artist and fat activist Kelli […]

Luis And The Aliens

Eleven-year-old Luis is a lonely kid, with a UFO-obsessed father who often forgets he’s even there and a mother whom he misses more than anything. But Luis’ life starts looking up when three real life aliens crash-land right near Luis’ home and things take a very unexpected turn. The aliens in Luis And The Aliens […]

Bad Blood

Vincent, a successful American author, and Carrie, his besotted girlfriend, seem like they have a perfect existence together. But when Vincent starts receiving strange phone calls and a private investigator comes calling, Carrie learns that his ex-wife was viciously murdered and he’s still under suspicion. Vincent’s character may not be what he seems… The premise […]


David Cork (Lachlan Woods) is a cubicle slave in a big corporate bank, trying to get away with doing as little company work as possible so he can work on his manga comic artwork. He’s obsessed with Foxy Chaos, a manga character created by his hero, and on a work night out spots a woman […]


Every year, on the first Monday in May, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (the Met) hosts the Met Ball – the opening night party that launches the Costume Institute’s annual exhibition. Full to the brim with pop culture and fashionable celebrities, the Met Ball is a legendary affair with Vogue editor-in-chief Anna […]