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30-minute free parking trial extended

The 30-minute free parking trial across the Leichhardt municipality has been hailed an overwhelming success for local residents and businesses alike. The initiative, passed in the last term of Council, sought to breathe new life into struggling businesses in the area. Amelia Gragagna works at the Norton St cake shop, Mezzapica and believes the parking […]

Sydney Ports cuts back on parking spaces

After local business owners and the Mayor fought back against plans to scale back the number of parking spaces along the Robert St construction site, Sydney Ports has backed down. The development of a cruise passenger terminal at White Bay was taking up 50 parking spaces, but Sydney Ports has now allotted parking for residents making way for 40 new parking spaces. No […]

Council’s predictions for 2013

Last year was a roller-coaster of indignities and triumphs for the Leichhardt municipality. The Inner West Independent spoke to councillors to find out what they foresee for 2013. Mayor Darcy Byrne believes the baby boom will put pressure on the Inner West over the coming 12 months. “Council will need to step up and deliver the infrastructure and services families rely on,” he […]

Greens demand a rescission at combustive meeting

Tensions erupted at the November 27 Leichhardt Council meeting when the Greens attempted to pass a motion to rescind the resolution adding another sporting field to the Callan Park Master Plan. The rescission was turned down with members of the Liberal and Labor parties - bar Cr Vera Anne Hannaford and a member of Friends […]

Home ground advantage for local sporting clubs

While Leichhardt Council remains deeply divided on amending the Callan Park Master Plan, moves to address a chronic shortage of sporting fields have been embraced by local sporting clubs. But Greens and Liberal councillors ensured there would be no new field for the time being at Tuesday night’s Council meeting, voting to delay starting work on a seventh sporting […]

Callan Park tensions fray at precinct meeting

Just as the Callan Park Master Plan won another award, Labor Councillor Simon Emsley and Leichhardt residents have butted heads over altering the plan. Residents were angered at the November 14 Council meeting by a perceived a lack of community consultation over the amendment to include a sixth sporting field. When questioned by residents about the decision to amend the Callan Park […]

ICAC called to investigate Rozelle Towers development

A revised developmental proposal for Rozelle Towers has been met with community disdain with Leichhardt Council calling for the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) to investigate any corruption in the planning stages of the development. More than 250 residents attended the November 19 Council public meeting on the redevelopment of the former Balmain Club Leagues site. A motion was voted […]

Council fights crunch in childcare

Leichhardt Council has spoken out against the State Government’s decision to cut government-run preschool hours from 30 to 15 hours per week. Slated to start in 2013, the move is pledged to provide more places for children in day care. “Cutting preschool hours for children will force parents to do one of two things – look elsewhere for childcare or cut their hours of work, which is just unacceptable,” Leichhardt Mayor Darcy […]

Dismal results at ‘conservative’ conference

In keeping with state-wide swing towards the Liberal Party at the September Council elections, a conservative response was evident in the 100 motions raised at the Local Government Association (LGA) Conference. With the backing of the Leichhardt Council, Greens councillors put forward a pecuniary interest motion seeking to overturn state legislation enabling councillors to vote on planning and development decisions in which they hold […]

Greens oppose the WestConnex Motorway

The Greens successfully passed a motion stating the key priority for Leichhardt Council must be improving public transport, and not implementing a polluting private WestConnex Tollway. But Labor and Liberal candidates voted down another motion outright opposing the WestConnex Motorway, calling on the NSW Government to instead allocate the $1.8 billion cost for extensions to public transport. The move adds further fuel to conjecture […]