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Gender unspecified: Neither man nor woman

The NSW Supreme Court is set to make a landmark decision changing the way the law deals with people who are neither male nor female. Redfern resident Norrie May-Welby is right at the centre of it. Norrie made world news in 2010 after ‘they’ became the first person to be declared by a government agency neither male nor female. But the Registry […]

Church abuse victims demand Royal Commission

After decades of denial from the Catholic Church and state authorities about the extent of sexual abuse in religious and non-religious organisations, victims and survivors are now joining together to call for a Royal Commission. Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) is run out of the inner city, providing a network of support for victims of institutional abuse throughout NSW […]

Redfern now and again

It seems The Block is increasingly synonymous with Australian television. For the second time in two years, the former Aboriginal housing site in Redfern known as The Block is the set for an Australian television series - this time for ABC’s new drama series, Redfern Now. Actress Miranda Tapsell plays Teneka in the series and said despite the cold winter […]

Misogyny online pervasive and mainstream

When a woman reveals her gender on the internet, she receives 25 times more abuse than if internet users didn’t know what sex she was. At the feminist protest ‘Reclaim the Night’ last Sunday, 16-year old Lily Edelstein told a crowd of about 1,000 in Hyde Park sexism on the internet is pervasive and mainstream. “A lot of online spaces have been claimed by […]

Candidates support local school for local community

The three lead candidates in the upcoming Sydney by-election have committed to supporting the campaign for a local public high school in the electorate. Currently the Inner City does not have a single public high school, and parents are widely angered at having to send their kids over the bridge to places such as Balmain. The fact kids can’t walk or cycle to school […]

Backtracking towards the board

In the first 8 months of this year video game sales plunged 20 per cent in the United States, following an eight per cent drop in 2011. Meanwhile the board games industry has seen surprising double-digit growth since 2008, with Barnes & Noble reporting a massive 30 per cent increase in board games sales in the last year.

Capital punishment worldwide: Fewer executioners, more death

676 people were executed last year, an increase since 2010 and largely attributable to an increase in executions in Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. However the number of countries employing this penalty is decreasing. In 2011 Amnesty International recorded executions in 20 countries, compared to 23 in 2010.

Kings Cross nightclub owners to know where you live

Measures announced by the State Government last week to combat violence in Kings Cross have received harsh criticism from the NSW Council for Civil Liberties (CCL) who fear the ramifications of handing people’s personal details over to the “dubiously colourful identities” that own Kings Cross nightclubs.

Drivers protest greasy deal

Last week members of the Anarchist organized General Transport Workers Association (GTWA) picketed the Dominos Pizza store in Glebe. The pickets are part of an ongoing national campaign against dramatic pay cuts for delivery drivers.

Assange in hot water, Manning likely to boil

Wikileaks founder, serial whistleblower and political pariah Julian Assange would most likely receive an open trial according to the military lawyer for David Hicks Lieutenant Colonel Michael Mori.