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Whitehaven media misdirection

Earlier this month, environmental activist Jonathan Moylan grabbed headlines after he published a hoax press release from ANZ Bank, instigating a run in the buying of Whitehaven Coal shares. And now Mr Moylan says the furore surrounding his protest has distracted media attention away from the central point of the anti-coal movement. The press release […]

The free party legacy lives on

The decentralisation of the free party movement in Sydney is ensuring the redistribution of the warehouse rave scene into a number of smaller, more intimate affairs. It now appears unlikely the city will see another 2,000-strong party in the near future, with the next generation inspired to organise a range of diverse initiatives. Tome Fowler, […]

Help for hungry cats

While the stray cat population in Inner Sydney continues to boom, local groups are springing up to take care of the famished but fertile felines. At least 22 wildcats live on Eveleigh St in Redfern and another 12 live in a bush in Morehead St in Waterloo. Eveleigh St Cats group founder, Andrew Dunstall said […]

Manipulating DNA for a hobby

A combination of cheap technology and available scientific knowledge has given birth to a movement of citizen scientists and hobbyists who manipulate DNA in their spare time. When the Global Financial Crisis hit, many biotech companies crashed and their equipment became cheaply available. This enabled a few groups around the world to undertake research level science in their garages. Inspired by […]

New Years Eve-ry man for themselves

With heavy traffic restrictions in place, Circular Quay Station closed until 1am and bus terminals moving to the edge of the city, half of Sydney’s population will be forced to walk through the post-apocalyptic landscape that is the CBD after midnight on New Years Eve. In the prelude to the city’s most anticipated night of the year, City Hub asked readers about New […]

Randwick representatives clash over rezoning

Randwick Mayor Tony Bowen has called on the State Government to hold a public hearing on the proposal to rezone the Inglis stable-yards site on Barker St in Randwick to allow up to nine storeys. The Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRRP) green-lighted the public exhibition process earlier this month, overturning Randwick Council’s previous rejection of the proposal in December 2011. “Council listened and responded […]

Training offered for young advocates

Sydney Youth Engagement (SYE) is teaming up with the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition and UNICEF Australia to find 30 committed young people to kickstart a youth-led human rights movement.   The move is aimed at reducing child poverty and tackling disadvantage among indigenous youth. There has been a 50 per cent increase in children living in […]

Oxford Street shopping strip fenced for freeway

A proposal by the Roads and Maritime service (RMS) to upgrade pedestrian safety on Oxford Street has come under criticism from local business and politicians. The proposed measures include installing a new narrow width median strip with a pedestrian fence on top in the centre of Oxford Street between Oatley Rd and Jersey Rd, and […]

Taser conducts a “horrendous amount of energy”

As controversy continues to surround the NSW Police’s use of the Taser gun, a medical expert has warned the amount of energy the weapon injects the body is “horrendous”. At a forum last week on taser use, forensic consultant Dr Carl Hughes labelled the Taser gun a conductive energy weapon. “It conducts a horrendous amount […]

Millers Point residents face appalling conditions

There are no lights in the back three rooms, the cement floor is crumbling severely, and there is massive flooding. This is the verdict from residents at the Millers Point public housing estate, which is set to be torn up and replaced by James Packer's Barangaroo development. Millers Point resident Alison McKenzie, 67, said after repeated promises to […]