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The Beautiful Monument – I’m The Reaper

I’m The Reaper by The Beautiful Monument is a compelling pop-punk ride from start to finish. Throughout their second record, The Beautiful Monument and frontwoman Lizi Blanco explore the stages of grief, redemption and growth. Whilst these are heavy, and potentially quite depressing, themes the group does an outstanding job of keeping the overall message […]

Thandi Phoenix

The journey to Thandi Phoenix’s debut headline tour has been a quick one, but it has also been littered with incredible achievements and milestones. For instance, in her short career, Phoenix has evolved her style by bringing in elements from vastly different influences, performed alongside some of her idols and even overcoming a career-threatening fear. […]

Food For Thought

Food is one basic commodity nobody can live without. There are, however, some interesting challenges which orbit around the food industry. Two new innovative programs are looking to alleviate two of these challenges in two very different ways.   ADDISON ROAD COMMUNITY CENTRE - WOW FOOD! INNER WEST Challenge number one is food security. According […]

Áine Tyrrell

For Irish native, but adopted Australian daughter, Áine Tyrrell the inspiration for her music comes from a different path to many musicians. Unlike a majority of musicians, who often state that their music comes from within, Tyrrell draws inspiration from external forces. Due to this rather unique approach, Tyrrell is able to enjoy a unique […]

Bert Kreischer – Body Shots World Tour

American comedian Bert Kreischer’s comedy show is unlike any other. Rather than following a set routine of jokes Kreischer instead describes his show by saying, “It’s like being in my living room when I stand up to go get some beers but then I end up telling a story instead and take my shirt off.” […]

Hayden James – Between Us

Electronic music producer Hayden James’ latest release, Between Us, is a delightfully fun record which would make for the perfect road trip soundtrack. The 11 track release which already features three platinum singles integrates melodic bass, pop hooks and synth elements to create a modern disco record. Whilst the aforementioned singles are sure to be […]

83 Weeks With Eric Bischoff

Outsiders are seldom welcomed into the inner sanctum of the secretive world of professional wrestling, and even fewer rise to the heights Eric Bischoff achieved. When Bischoff first became involved in the world of wrestling he was as simply a salesman for syndicated episodes of the Minnesota based American Wrestling Association (AWA). By pure accident […]

Skyscraper Stan – Golden Boy Vol I & II

Very few musicians truly embody the troubadour spirit in this modern age as much as Skyscraper Stan does with his latest release, Golden Boy. Golden Boy is delivered to listeners as a singular package but actually consists of two distinct volumes. Whilst each volume stands alone in their own rights when paired together the listener […]

Sly Withers

In order for a band to break out from their local scene, they sometimes need to go against the grain of popular culture. For Perth four-piece Sly Withers they did just that and have seen rapid success, recently signing with record labels Dew Process and Universal Music Australia. Ahead of their upcoming show at Sydney’s […]

Ears To The Ground: Hinterland

The City Recital Hall team are once again bringing an incredible night of music to the heart of our fine city as part of their intimate and late evening music series, Ears To The Ground. On offer, this month is the Sydney-based ensemble Hinterland, a group which has situated themselves comfortably between the chairs of […]