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Under The Influence

Formed by a group of friends in high school the Illawarra based band, Under The Influence (UTI), has stood the test of time, thanks in large part to their friendship. For over 20 years now UTI has been toiling away in and around Wollongong, consistently playing live shows to their dedicated and hardcore fans. However, […]

Fresh Faces Of Folk

Sydney is home to many different music festivals, all spanning various genres. Until now the folk music genre has been relegated to regional areas outside of the city. Next weekend that will all change when Sydney plays host to the inaugural Sydney Folk Festival over the course of two days and three nights. Across four […]

B Boys – Dudu

The B Boys manage to capture the bleak mundaneness of everyday life but deliver it in a way which is somehow engaging and enjoyable to listen along to. Throughout the record, the band lay down track after track of buzzing indie rock. What truly sets them apart though is the clear, simple and matter of […]

Northlane – Alien

Sydney rockers Northlane return with another driving hardcore rock record, but this time they have sprinkled in plenty of soul and heart. Lyrically and thematically this record is a departure from Northlane’s roots. On previous outings, the group had chosen to focus on broad societal issues whereas with Alien they have chosen to look inward […]

Hein Cooper

With the release of his second album, Underneath It All, and upcoming extensive national tour Hein Cooper has proven that an early bad encounter with music can be overcome. Underneath It All is Cooper’s follow up record to his incredibly successful 2016 debut album, The Art Of Escape. Given that it has taken Cooper quite […]

Igniting The Flames Of Creativity

Fire often has a mythical aura of either destruction or rebirth surrounding it. Something which makes it the perfect artistic medium to represent the creative community of Sydney’s Inner West at the upcoming EDGE Sydenham event. Over the course of the next two weekends, the Inner West Council has partnered with the local creative community […]

Freedman New Jazz: Marc Hannaford Trio

Highly regarded as one of Australia's most exciting improvising pianists, Marc Hannaford is bringing his New York-born trio back home to Sydney for a one night only performance. Known for his contemporary and innovative approach to composition and improvisation Hannaford was recognised by the Music Trust as an artist who’s talent should be fostered. As […]

The Lion King

Disney continues down the ‘live-action’ remake path with perhaps their most iconic and thus lofty effort to date with an update of 1994’s The Lion King. The 2019 version of the film sees director John Favreau employ photorealistic CGI to recreate the 1994 version almost scene for scene, beat for beat. As such it is […]

350 Days: The Movie

While professional wrestling is seeing a resurgence in the modern era it still has a long way to go in order to hit the heights of the 70s and 80s. Behind the scenes, these two eras are dramatically different. Modern day wrestlers spend many of their post-show evenings in their hotel rooms playing video games […]

Sum 41 – Order In Decline

The seventh studio album from Sum 41 hits shelves week and highlights the group's growth throughout the span of their career. The record opens with a strong emo punk track, Turning Away. From there though Sum 41 continues down their steady path of maturation as they explore a heavier, faster and more metal approach to […]