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Smelly issue

BY JADE MORELLINI Residents can wave goodbye to the bad smells floating through the streets of Woolloomooloo, Darlinghurst and Potts Point because the water pipes are finally getting fixed. With only one pipe carrying both wastewater and stormwater, bad odours became present and during heavy rain and the wastewater would overflow into Woolloomooloo Bay. East […]

The fox and the city

BY JOHN MOYLE The next time you hear a bustle in the hedgerow chances are its not Led Zeppelin but Basil the fox. Foxes were introduced to Australia in the 1850s for hunting and are usually associated with farm land, but in recent times they are being seen more frequently in the heart of the […]

Westconnex tunnel vision

BY LANIE TINDALE “They should actually get the WestConnex project, set fire to it, and put it in the garbage can. That’s what I think the alternative to Stage Three of WestConnex is” said Jamie Parker, NSW MP for Balmain. “The City of Sydney does have some alternatives to Stage Three, and ... I agree […]

Marrickville Arts Mayhem

BY LANIE TINDALE Developer Danias Holding has threatened to pull out of Marrickville’s proposed creative hub, saying that the Inner West Council is taking too long to approve it. The proposal involves converting an old timber storage yard to a 500-artist hub, including office space, cafe and a park. Danias Holdings told that the […]

Good Cook. Friendly. Clean.

Good Cook. Friendly. Clean. is coming to Griffin Theatre to take audiences on a journey through humour and darkness, questioning how willing our society is to take care of our most vulnerable. The play follows Sandra, who is 50 years old and comes home one day, only to find out that her flatmates are kicking […]

Disability ramp too ugly for Council

BY LANIE TINDALE The Inner West Council is opposed to installing a disability ramp at Birchgrove Wharf because of its ‘visual impact’ in a ‘high-value residential housing’ area. The Birchgrove Wharf has been refurbished by Transport of NSW, and re-opened on the 24th of April. However, access is limited by a rocky path and steep […]

Secret Powerhouse business

BY JOHN MOYLE Last week the Berijiklian government stooped to new lows when its arts minister Don Harwin failed to follow Upper House directives to produce the business plan for the relocation of the Powerhouse Museum from Ultimo to Parramatta. This was despite Harwin’s spokesperson saying in early April that “The business case was delivered […]

Cat-astrophe for renter’s pets

BY JADE MORELLINI The struggle is real for pet owners who are looking for a place to rent, with most landlords saying no when it comes to bringing their furry friends home. Not only is this causing an emotional departure of beloved pets, but it’s causing animal shelters to fill up a lot faster. CEO […]

Should be known, but never taught

OPINION BY DAISY MOLESWORTH As a straight 19-year-old woman who went to a co-ed religious boarding school, our sex education was definitely subpar. Our physical education teacher, a sixty-year-old man, made it very clear sex is solely for marriage and having children. He made us sit at separate tables and watch a video from the […]

Meet the Locals: Designer.Iam

BY STATON WHALEY Meet Bernard Kassab, founder of Designer.Iam, a creative marketing company with a versatile range of techniques for design, research, and promotion. Kassab started the company ten years ago while he was still a university student, but he has seen the company take off in the last three years. He has experience in […]