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Busting up our buses

BY JADE MORELLINI Randwick Council is standing up against the privatisation of Sydney buses. During the Council’s last meeting on 28 November, a Mayoral Minute opposing privatisation of Sydney Buses was approved. It stated, “Council voice its opposition to the privatisation of Sydney buses, and its support for the STA bus drivers, on Council’s website […]

Dry beaches this summer

BY JADE MORELLINI After introducing a permanent ban on the consumption of alcohol at Coogee Beach, Randwick Council has extended the ban to other Eastern Suburbs’ beaches, from Clovelly to La Perouse, over this festive season. This has provoked anger amongst locals who disagree. The alcohol ban at Coogee was put in place after 15 […]

New Breed 2017

New Breed 2017 is providing five emerging Australian choreographers with the opportunity to create their own works which will be fully commissioned and showcased under the Sydney Dance Company, Carriageworks and The Balnaves Foundation. Tyrone Robinson is one of the talented choreographers selected to create his own work, [bio]Curious. “I’m choreographing a work on three of […]

Light rail, major impacts

BY JADE MORELLINI Light Rail construction taking place along the Sydney CBD, Randwick and Kingsford is having a substantial impact on smaller businesses in the area, with a large number of stores having moved out or closed down. Kensington Supermarket has been thriving for five years along Anzac Parade but now it is one of […]

Late night revelry moves east

BY JADE MORELLINI Sydney’s nightlife has undergone a dramatic transformation, particularly in the Eastern Suburbs since the Lockout Laws in 2014 were introduced and nightclub security isn’t helping with questions surfacing on their ability to keep party-goers safe. A new study released in March 2017 by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) […]

Let yourself recline at Hoyts cinema

BY JADE MORELLINI Watch the latest blockbusters in comfort at HOYTS with their brand new recliner seats, making a night or day out at the movies a much more comfortable experience. HOYTS Broadway has been renovated and fitted out with powered recliner seating, offering guests extra legroom and wider seats – where they can enjoy […]

Sydney is losing the plot

BY JADE MORELLINI Sydney cemeteries are running out of space with only 15 years of burial capacity left, and the rising death rates are not making it any better. Death rates are increasing at fewer than 2% compound per annum and will increase at this rate for the next 34 years. In NSW at the […]

Canterbury Ice Rink

BY JADE MORELLINI The Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink is one of Australia’s oldest rinks and it has been running continuously for the past 46 years in Inner West Sydney. They are a not-for-profit organisation and their main focus is promoting the disciplines of ice skating, aiming to be the premier training rink in Australia for […]

PCs in penitentiaries

BY JADE MORELLINI According to research and experience, access to computers in prison has proven to be extremely beneficial for prisoners, better equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to assimilate back into society. Prisons such as Long Bay Correctional Centre in Matraville could see computers provided to inmates to facilitate their return […]