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About Jackie McMillan

I'm counting my blessings in being the Dining Editor for the Alternative Media Group. It provides me with countless opportunities to dine out in new and exciting restaurants every week. It's a tough job - especially on the waistline - but someone has to do it (and I'm very glad it's me). First and foremost I love good food and wine. I'm an intrepid explorer where it comes to good produce, and I will drive to the ends of the earth to meet primary producers, and to buy produce that excites me. I'm trying to be an ethical consumer, and (where possible) I buy local, pesticide, hormone and chemical free. But I admit that for me, taste is the final arbitrator, so yes, I eat foie gras. I love getting tips from fellow 'foodies' about good restaurants, and good new products - so drop me a line to jackie @ (remove the spaces) if you have tried something you think should feature in the Eat & Drink section of our publications. Regards, Jackie McMillan

The Three Stodges: Bread, Cheese & Potatoes

By Jackie McMillan In a post Atkins world, we have forgotten how to eat. The new no-carb puritans seem to have robbed us of the pleasure of starches and staples. But what's bacon and eggs without toast' What's a steak without mash' It's pleasing to note that all is not lost on the carbohydrate front […]

Lessons for a Lush Life

By Jackie McMillan  It became apparent (after writing it) that this column makes me seem like an alcoholic ' what with spiking my cordials, sousing up my sorbet and planning to be unable to drive home ' which obviously isn't too far from the truth. But what is a Sydney summer, if not an excuse […]