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Popular Women’s Fiction Workshop

Author Lisa Heidke has just released her fifth book, It Started With A Kiss, published by Allen and Unwin. She is running library talks across Sydney and the South Coast all this month and will also be facilitating a workshop at the Sydney Writers Centre on Popular Women's Fiction. We were lucky to nab sometime with her […]

Amanda Palmer – The Art of Asking

Amanda Palmer, also known as Amanda F**king Palmer, is in high demand. In fact, she is so sought after the Sydney Writers Festival had to move her upcoming talk to a bigger venue after it sold out within 48 hours. The rocker, Kickstarter pioneer, and viral TED talker will be joined by special guest Tara Moss for […]


It’s easy to see why Limbo sold out in 2014. And also why Sydney Festival would rebook them. Sex sells! I mean, yes, the people are talented, freakishly so. But they are also freakishly, freakishly good looking with buckets of charisma and sex appeal. The 70-minutes flies by, and even though it’s described as being […]

Short+Sweet Theatre 2015

Short+Sweet Theatre 2015 By Emma Salkild Short+Sweet Theatre, the world’s largest short-play festival, is underway and after a bumpy ride it has managed to hit the ground running. Since it was founded in 2002 at the King Street Theatre, Short+Sweet has gone on to a variety of venues including the Seymour Centre in Chippendale and […]


Celebrating its 24th year is Australia’s leading and most respected short film festival, FLiCKERFEST, Australia’s only Academy® accredited and BAFTA recognised short film festival. FLiCKERFEST is second to none on the Australian short film festival circuit and this year, the much anticipated theme revolved around iconic film classic James Bond. Festival director, Bronwyn Kidd, continues to be the driving […]


David Williamson’s recent play is not so much a rags to riches story as a rich to filthy rich story, a tale of tyke to tycoon if you will. James Cromwell plays the older, reflective Rupert Murdoch who narrates his past while the ensemble cast literally dances around him. The exuberant Guy Edmonds portrays the […]

Opening of Potts Point Galleries

Sydney’s new antiques precinct, Potts Point Galleries, is now officially open. Owned by Potts Point’s Paul Baker, this sparkling new addition to the decorative arts and antique scene is a veritable Aladdin’s cave overflowing with unique, intriguing and gorgeous treasures from 15 of Australia’s most respected antique dealers. Ever since Potts Point Galleries opened its […]

Jurassic Lounge – Day of the Dead

Jurassic Lounge is returning to the Australian Museum this year. In the past it has been a perfect balance of upbeat pop culture and highbrow education. You can drink beer while perusing encased exotic butterflies or tiny fossils under disco lights. There’s also a huge range of entertainment for when you’ve had enough of a […]


When the Broadway production premiered two years ago it was met with a swag of award nominations. It seemed audiences and critics could not get enough of Stephen Adly Guirgis’ writing. Thanks to Tap Gallery and Workhouse Theatre Co, Sydneysiders will now be treated to the show described as a high-octane, verbal cage match about […]


When Manuela finds herself in a strange universe called Macondo, two women become her shamanic guides. They chain-smoke relentlessly and magic follows them wherever they go, but the three women have a big task ahead of them - to find a mysterious man by the name of Moustachio. “For us it’s about falling whether that’s […]