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LIVE WIRE – Sydney Live Music Guide February 20th

  Anna Salleh: Brazil and Beyond: Returning to where it all began, Salleh will bring the sweet sounds of this South Atlantic nation to the stage. Mixing components of Brazillian jazz with other elements, she will be joined by pianist Dan Holland, Stuart Vandergraaf on horns, bassist Stan Valacos and drummer Tim Bradley. Salleh's signature […]


Success for a rock and roll band can often peak and then all but disappear, particularly when the band themselves have had a career spanning decades. However, it is apparent when looking to Maryland riff-masters Clutch, they still maintain relevance after almost 24 years since their inception. Neil Fallon, guitarist Tim Sult, bassist Dan Maines […]

LIVEWIRE – Sydney Live Music Guide February 13th

  World's End Press: After scoring album of the week on Triple J, John, Rhys, Sashi and Tom are well on their way to breaking through the underground barrier. Their 2013 self-titled debut provided a wealth of attention, as well as some darn catchy tunes to groove to. This tour will have them gearing up […]


It was over a decade ago that a young school student by the name of Remi Kolawole was introduced to a professional hurdler for the Victorian Institute of Sport. N’fa Jones was there on a visit to Kolawole's school. Rather than get excited by Jones' successful sports career or his frontman duties with Aussie hip […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney Live Music Guide February 6th

  Frightened Rabbit: Supported by Gang of Youths, this Scottish collective have solidified their indie-rock royalty status step by step. Last year saw them tour Australia in support of their latest album Pedestrian Verse. It’s an album that had their creative process altered with lead vocalist Scott Hutchison liberating himself from the role as sole […]


A conversation with a musician so intellectually and morally driven is a hard thing to come by. In a world of fleeting YouTube fame and digital domination Harrison Stafford, leading man of reggae troupe Groundation, is refreshingly real. “Today music is like a product and it’s sold like McDonalds,” Stafford states from his home in […]


Steve McQueen's powerful account of Solomon Northup, based on the book by Northup, follows his disgraceful forced induction into the Louisiana slave trade. 12 Years A Slave is both humanising and unabashedly confronting. McQueen’s stunningly framed shots make this depiction a reality, showing a time when people were forced into submission in order to survive. […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney Live Music Guide January 30

  Youth Lagoon: Trevor Powers’ combination of hazy vocals and sympathetic guitars has gained him notoriety over the last few years. What started out as an experimental project, where he handed out downloads of his creations for zilch profit, has developed into a two-album triumph with much more in store from this psychedelic Idaho native. […]


“I once heard a band say ‘what’s the point of playing but then going out and giving it your all afterwards?’” quotes Melbourne minstrel Cash Savage on the topic of post-show celebrations. “For me, the shows are the most important part of the tour. We want to make sure that we are all capable of […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney Live Music Guide January 23rd

  Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins: Partners in both music and love, G&D’s performance as part of the 2014 Sydney Festival will inject the funk and soul into the week. After being introduced to Muldrow while working on his own solo project, Perkins' attraction to this smooth singing sensation was not only personal but […]