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Route Dash Niner: Part 1

“We have received a promising signal from the corner of the universe that demands investigation. We have formed an elite team of explorers who have volunteered to make the dangerous journey to the furthest depths of the galaxy in order to answer the signal’s call. We do not know what we will find, only that […]

Hannibal Buress – The Hannibal Montanabal Experience

Emerging comedy superstar Hannibal Buress brings his on-stage antics to Australia, stopping at the Enmore Theatre tonight for anyone lucky enough to snatch up a ticket. Following three previous highly rated hour-long stand-up specials, The Hannibal Montanabal Experience sees Buress at his pure, unadulterated best. You may recognise this velvety-voiced American from his numerous appearances […]

Lighten Up

John Green is an Anglo-Indian Australian actor who dreams of being cast in his favourite soap, ‘Bondi Parade’. However coloured contacts don’t hide that he is more brown than sun-bronzed. “...All the while his skin-bleaching mother is trying to get him to procreate with a white, blonde woman to cleanse the ethnicity out of their […]

Write For Rights

While present-day mass political action may seem to have overwhelmingly depleted to clicking and 'signing' online petitions as they float through cyberspace, the value of community action and letter writing cannot be lost. At this time of year, Amnesty International groups join together to write letters condemning human rights abuses by overseas governments. This Sunday, […]

Morgan Stern

Beatles, Bedlam and pills. The stories of two men heeding from two separate centuries clash and combine in Gina Schein’s Morgan Stern. The Gent is over 200 years old when he reluctantly finds himself the guardian of a young man with a head filled with voices. But who is leading whom to salvation? “The Gent […]

Artbank Social Club: art for all

This weekend Sydneysiders have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a bustling artists’ bazaar. For the fourth year in a row the public is invited go behind the scenes of one of the largest collections of Australian art in the world at the Artbank Social Club. This year the event will incorporate the much anticipated […]

Review: Dracula

The Genesian Theatre company's production of Dracula is an unapologetic meeting of melodrama and old school horror, with a hardworking cast and some genuine jump scares to boot. The Genesian Theatre's home – a small yet impressive church building dating back to 1868, which houses a stage laden in rich red velvet curtains and backlit by stained […]

Ella Barclay – I Had To Do It

Sydney-based artist Ella Barclay conjures an eerie techno dystopia in her multidisciplinary solo show I Had To Do It, currently on show at UTS Gallery. Incorporating mist and liquids, video projections, bespoke electronics, plastics, paint, and old and new lighting technologies, Barclay explores our omnipresent encounters with technology. The artist bridges the disconnection between our […]


“Irreverent, fabulous, ridiculous musical fun!” – the words Trevor Ashley uses to describe his latest foray into impersonating his greatest female icon. LIZA’S BACK! (IS BROKEN) sees Ashley reprising his iconic drag tribute to Liza Minnelli. There’s no doubting Minnelli is a true legend of Broadway, however Ashley feels she has had far too few […]

Rosie Waterland – My Life On The Couch (With Vodka)

Rosie Waterland brings the outspoken humour, honesty and humility that has become synonymous with her writing work to her one-woman show My Life On The Couch (With Vodka).  In her own words, Rosie describes the show as "a true mixed bag" – sourcing stories from a turbulent childhood spent in and out of foster care, […]