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Liquére – Danny Eastwood

The greatest examples of photography blur the boundaries of reality. In Liquére (a title taken from the Latin verb meaning "to be fluid"), a new collection of nudes from Danny Eastwood, the body is submerged, refracted, arched and outstretched into lurid abstraction. Presenting the human form with a sculptural sensibility that is rarely accomplished without […]

Latin American Festival 2017

Last year Sydney's Latin American Festival relaunched with a bang after a two year hiatus. This year the party continues, bigger and brighter than before. In 2017 the Festival will feature its biggest ever line-up of live music, folkloric dance troupes and food and drink vendors. Local Latin heartthrob Carlos Velazquez, aka C Major (The […]

Hidden Figures

The term "feel good movie" doesn't necessarily need to be looked down upon. Hidden Figures has forged itself a near perfect formula that combines historical grounding, charismatic leads, rich female friendships, a dash of romance, and a nod to 60's fashions in telling a story that celebrates three incredible characters. The year is 1961, and the pressure […]

Art For Epilepsy 2017

More than 170 prominent and up-and-coming artists from across Australia have joined forces to raise vital funds for people living with epilepsy, donating original artworks for Art for Epilepsy, an online auction conducted by Epilepsy Action Australia. The only criteria given to participating artists is to somehow include the colour purple, leading to a collection […]


Garbage doesn’t lie. Taking cues from Italian author Italo Calvino, who suggests that we are all defined by what we throw away, emerging artist Emilio Cresciani looks to people’s rubbish to create revealing portraits. “The waste itself is a portrait of someone…more their inner person, who they are…what they enjoy doing, it defines them,” said […]

The Vegas Lounge

Establishing itself as the party hub of Mardi Gras, The Vegas Lounge is an evening of comic cabaret that is part sideshow, part karaoke, and a whole lot of fun. After the success of SCREAMERS! in 2015 (a show that endowed Tony Abbott as the ‘Lizard of Oz’) and playing to sold-out audiences for last […]

REVIEW: Sydney Festival presents Retro Futurismus

Touted as putting the “odd” into “space odyssey”, Retro Futurismus is a shape-shifting variety show that nods to the minimalistic future dreamed up in yesteryear as it explores a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland populated by robots, roaches, astronauts, aliens and the remaining dregs of the human race. This vaudeville show doesn’t neatly fit into what we […]


The Inaugural Election for Ruler concerning the United Royal Republic Country Homeland of Invasia is approaching. Five candidates from the planet are in the running and it is up to you, the citizens, to vote in the leader who earns your trust. But how do you choose a leader when their policies aren’t even delivered […]


This unique drama tells the story of a young man coming of age in Miami whilst struggling with a dysfunctional home life, his mother's addiction issues, acute bullying, and revelations about his sexual identity. Chiron's journey unfolds over three chapters, providing vignettes of his life as a painfully shy child (played by Alex Hibbert), a withdrawn […]


Raymond Scott is definitely not a household name when it comes to the pantheon of modern American music, but many would argue that he deserves to be up there with some of the most influential composers and innovators of the Twentieth Century. Who the hell then, was Raymond Scott? Born in Brooklyn in New York […]