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Bar Pestâ Gets Spicy

Tom Yum Pastaa

We’ve all seen spicy food challenges but tomorrow Bar Pestâ in Surry Hills hold a true celebration of the humble chilli as part of International Hot & Spice Food Day.

Formerly known as Xage to ever popular 10 year old restaurant has reinvented itself recently as Bar Pestâ. With this new name comes an entirely new dining concept which tantalises the tastebuds with an Asian inspired pasta menu.

“Most customers visiting us for the first time are unfamiliar with pasta in Asia. They would have doubts about trying it. But once they’ve tried it, the reaction is almost always the same — they’re surprised by how such seemingly different cuisines can blend so well together and taste so good,” said chef/owner Nhu Nguyen.

As part of this fusion process chilli has become a key ingredient of much of the Bar Pestâ menu explained Nguyen, “Chilli is an important ingredient in most Asian cooking and Bar Pestâ‘s signature Asian pasta dishes are no different. Eight out of ten of our pastas are spicy.”

So if you love spicy food and want to enjoy a truely unique dining experience head on down to Bar Pestâ tomorrow to celebrate International Hot & Spice Food Day with a one day only 20% special!

Jan 16. Bar Pestâ, 333 Crown St, Surry Hills. Info: www.barpesta.com