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The Vanns

Coincidently enough Jimmy Vann, the frontman of Wollongong band The Vanns, recently spoke to City Hub from a van. Jimmy and the band were travelling south to Melbourne for the opening show of their tour which returns to Sydney this Sunday. Whilst speaking with Jimmy we touched on the important influence Wollongong had on their progression as a touring act as well as what fans can expect from both the upcoming show and throughout the remainder of the year.

Hailing from Wollongong each of the members of the band was naturally orbiting each other as they all individually entered into the music industry. It wasn’t until 2013 though that Jimmy said they all naturally “fell into the same band together.” From that moment on the band has been working diligently to simply pursue music because they love it. However, as a natural side effect of this passion the band grew and began to expand outside of Wollongong, something which was made easier due to the supportive community the city fostered.

“Everyone in the Wollongong scene backs each other… Rad Bar, in particular, had quite a big influence because it was one of the main bars where all of the bands from around the area started at.

“Since everyone knew each other from playing at Rad Bar we found that if one band started to get bigger there was a good chance that they would take another band from the same area on tour with them, and vice versa. It was all about helping out your mates and those you were close with.”

Earlier this year The Vanns had an incredible run of sellout shows, including their biggest ever headline show at The Factory Theatre in Marrickville. Those successful shows have them brimming with confidence ahead of this Sunday’s performance, where they will unveil to fans the album they have been sitting on for 12 months.

“We’re keen to play this record because we’ve sat on it for so long. We recorded the album over a year ago, so it’s exciting for us as well to bring life back to the songs.  We’re so keen to release some more music and start another new little avenue with our fans to bring them along the journey and share music that we’re super proud of.”

Jul 7. Valve Bar, 871 George St, Sydney. $23.50+b.f. Tickets & Info: