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The Secret Life Of Pets 2

The Secret Life of Pets 2 is the second instalment in the high energy, witty, pun-filled franchise peering into what a group of pets get up to when their owners leave the house each day. Directed by Chris Renaud and co-directed by Jonathan del Val, the sequel features the returning voices of almost the entire star-studded cast from the first film. Patton Oswalt now replaces Louis C.K. as the voice of Max, Jack Russel and leader of the pack of pets. Despite the swap, Max’s character is as lovable and goofy as ever. 

At some points during The Secret Life of Pets 2, it did feel as if the narrative was strained. The film depended heavily on the humour of the dialogue and the audience’s love of the pre-developed characters from the first film. As a big fan of the first movie, however, I found the sequel to be just as enjoyable as the first and would recommend it to kids and adults alike.



Reviewed by Madison Behringer