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All My Sons

Photo: Johan Persson

This was the play that established Arthur Miller as a voice to be listened to in American theatre.

Set in 1947 in a small mid-west American town, the plot centres on the Keller family, with all the action taking place in their backyard. Joe Keller (Bill Pullman) in his 60s, is a successful manufacturer whose factory produced engine parts for army aircraft during the war. His wife, Kate (Sally Field) is unable to accept that their son, Larry – reported MIA three years prior – is probably dead. Their other son, Chris (Colin Morgan) is about to ask Larry’s former girlfriend, Ann Deever (Jenna Coleman) to marry him. Ann’s father and Joe’s former business partner, Steve, is in prison for shipping defective parts during the war resulting in 21 soldiers being killed. But is that the real story?

An excellent cast with very strong performances, effective staging, and a script that still holds up.

★★★ ½


Reviewed by Rita Bratovich