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Me And My Left Brain

This charming romantic comedy is more observational than physical. A cross between an episode of Seinfeld and a session on the analyst’s couch, although the latter is what the main character, Arthur, is trying to avoid. Instead, he protests that he is actually, “Happy being miserable.” Essentially the film, written and directed by Alex Lykos, who also stars, is about dealing with middle age, missing out on the property ladder and getting over the break up of a relationship that was supposed to last the distance.

Lykos deals with the complexities of romantic love versus friendship love in a gentle unassuming way by having Arthur consult his left brain, played by (Mal Kennard who has also played Ivan Milat ), on all things that matter. This is the side of Arthur that makes sense. Arthur’s problem, however, is that he doesn’t always listen to the answers, as then he would have to take action. Meanwhile, Arthur, an out of work actor, can’t sleep and can’t do ‘neutral.’ Arthur’s saving grace is his best friend Vivien (Rachael Beck) who understands his dilemma but never allows Arthur to give in to his deeper, darker inner self and keeps him on an even keel.

The film features some fab Sydney locations including Newtown, Glebe and our beautiful Hyde Park. Superbly edited by Mariana Marusic (The Castle), on whom Lykos says he, ‘depended on for almost everything’ and with, a very cool jazz score by Cezary Skubiszewski (Red Dog, The Sapphires) this small independent film has some very big things to offer. With a fine cast, an honest writer/director, a great crew and an all Australian production team, Me And My Left Brain, has much to offer. No glitz and glamour. Just real, down to earth and very tender.



Reviewed by Renee Lou Dallow