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Jane Goodall: Rewind the Future

Ageless and fearless and barefoot in Gombe National Park, Tanzania. Dr Jane Goodall is still a woman driven by passion and that passion has not waned. Still relevant, Still challenging the status quo at age 84. Beginning as a humble secretary in Kenya 55 years ago, young Jane Goodall was sent by her then employer to observe Chimpanzees in Gombe. During this time she made some exciting discoveries.

Goodall, then only in her 20s, found that the chimps could make their own tools, ripping leaves off branches to make fishing rods for termite nests, and were not vegans, as previously thought, but were carnivores just like us. “I knew nothing of science.” she has said. “To learn about chimps meant being with them and gaining their trust.” Goodall wandered their habitat barefoot and labelled her chimps, not with numbers, but with funny names like Fifi, David Greybeard and Goliath, discovering that, just like us, each had its own separate personality. Dr Goodall is renowned throughout the world as, ‘The Woman Who Redefined Man.’

As ‘A Messenger Of Peace’ and, a woman awarded, ‘The Order Of The British Empire’ and, ‘The Legion Of Honour,’ amongst many other awards, Goodall, has paved the way for those driven by a desire to do good in this world. Think Inc, a company dedicated to bringing intellectual and philosophical ideas to the masses, is bringing Dr Jane Goodall to Australia. The main message of her Rewind The Future tour is one of hope. The aim is to inspire youth to make a difference through activism. According to Goodall, “Great things are happening, but with more involvement, great things can become even greater.” We all need to work together to make a difference.

May 8. ICC Darling Harbour, 14 Darling Drive, Sydney. $112-$163+b.f. Tickets & Info:


By Renee Louise Dallow.