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This year’s German Film Festival won’t disappoint, with an alluring program of quality dramas, comedies and documentaries which should ensure there’s something for all tastes.

The opening night film (which is followed by an afterparty) is Balloon, a thriller set in 1979 and based on true events surrounding two East German families who escape to West Germany in a homemade hot air balloon.

“It’s a very spectacular story about one of the most daring escapes in the skies,” explained Bettina Kinski, the Festival Coordinator. “It’s just one story of thousands of people who have tried to escape to the west. This year is the 30th anniversary that the Berlin wall came down and we thought this was a very appropriate film to open the film festival.”

This is a family-friendly film festival with a special program called Kino For Kids, specially formulated for children and teenagers. There are two family films screening on weekends and four films screening for school children during weekdays.

“This film festival is a meeting point for people to communicate about values, traditions, culture and perspectives, and the best starting point to learn to speak German is to watch a German film.” (MMo)



THE CAPTAIN – A powerful black and white anti-war film which details the true story of war criminal Willi Herold who assumed the identity of a German officer and organised the killing of prisoners at one of the Emslandlager concentration camps.

STYX – Story of a woman who embarks on a solo voyage across the Atlantic on a yacht and comes across a sinking boat with refugees. Minimal dialogue and the absence of a musical score heightens the impact of this story about the refugee crisis.

GUNDERMANN – A biopic/drama by multi-award-winning director Andreas Dresen which presents an endearing portrait of esteemed East German folk singer and songwriter Gerhard Gundermann.

May 21 – Jun 9. Palace Norton Street & Chauvel Cinema. $18-$22+b.f.. Tickets & Info: www.germanfilmfestival.com.au