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Alice Ivy

Photo: Giulia McGauran

One year ago City Hub spoke with Alice Ivy, who told us she had two major goals to achieve over the course of 12 months. Those goals were to complete her next album and also to begin exporting herself internationally. When City Hub had the opportunity to once again sit down with Ivy we discussed whether she had achieved those goals before then looking to the future once again.

Upon reflection, on the goals mentioned last year, Ivy said she had achieved both of them. Something which she described as “pretty amazing” because she “absolutely didn’t think they would both be possible. To now be able to look back and realise that she has achieved the goals she initially set down for 2018 Ivy says it is a real “confidence booster” moving forward in 2019.

However, before setting her goals for 2019 Ivy was quick to point out that the Australian festival circuit played a pivotal, but underappreciated, role in her being able to achieve both of her 2018 goals.

“Being able to have backstage or green room time to meet different people is crucial because the friends you make on tour is a friendship you can rely on and always look back to as a bond you share.”

This bonding time at Falls Festival was particularly important for Ivy because it allowed her to form a friendship with Detroit’s Flint Eastwood, an artist Ivy would go on to collaborate with heavily on her upcoming second album. Having formed a bond with Eastwood over their similar “approach to live performances” Ivy was invited to travel to Eastwood’s studio in Detroit, thus helping to complete one of her goals.

As Ivy now embarks on an extensive national tour to promote the first single, Close To You, which is the first taste of the upcoming album she said she is amazed at how far she has come in a short space of time.

“It’s an amazing feeling to be headlining some of these venues. Two years ago I opened for Billie Eilish at The Lansdowne,  which is pretty nuts looking at where she is now, but now I’m headlining!”

Following the tour, Ivy is once again using City Hub as a marker to hold her accountable by setting two more goals for the next year.

“In terms of my goals this year, I would love to focus on Europe. We’ve toured the [United] States a few times so I would absolutely love to go on a European headline tour. Lastly, I’d also love to have a gold record this year!”

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