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William Crighton

Acclaimed singer-songwriter and unique Australian performer William Crighton is set to embark on his first ever solo headline tour next week. Prior to the performance, City Hub spoke with Crighton to gain an insight into his reasoning behind making this change to the live performance.

Despite touring the world extensively as a band the challenge of performing solo is something which Crighton says he has wanted to do for a number of years.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a while just to see if I could do it. With this tour, I really wanted to get back to basics and just present these songs in the most stripped back and raw way possible.”

The timing was also perfect for Crighton and his band since his fellow band members, his wife Jules and brother Luke since they both had side projects happening.

In preparing for this run of solo performances Crighton says he has been “thinking about these songs a lot” which has him excited for the shows. However, he also says he hasn’t been overly rehearsing the performance because he wants to ensure the show “doesn’t become too rigid and simply flows with the audience.”

This mindset of flowing along with the audience and creating “shared experiences” is something which has developed throughout his significant touring internationally.

“The things that stand out most to me looking back is simply going from place to place and having an experience with people,” reflected Crighton. “The aim is to have a shared unique experience each night, for both me and the audience. There is one thing I can guarantee, it won’t be boring.”

Crighton’s upcoming tour will be showcasing his new album, Empire. With this being his second album there were obviously heightened expectations, which he seems to have hit or even exceeded. Dave Faulkner of the Hoodoo Gurus in particular labelled Empire ‘the best album of 2018, local or international.’ An accolade which Crighton was incredibly proud of and humbled by.

“Dave has a lot of records so for him to say that about mine was great. He is such a well respected Australian music figure so I was humbled when he even took an interest in my music.”

Apr 26. The Newsagency, 74-76 Pyrmont Bridge Rd, Annandale. $30-$45+b.f. Tickets & Info: