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Wahoo Ghost – The Eighth Door

Sydney based trio Wahoo Ghost are an alternative rock band featuring Charli Rainford on vocals/guitar/percussion. Rob Crow taking on guitar/bass/piano and the role of producer, with Jarvis Wooley playing drums. The band draw on an array of influences and blend the sounds of atmospheric blues, psychedelia and indie into one. 

Their new album, The Eighth Door, features eight tracks each with their own unique sound. Opening the album with psychedelic rock track She Wolf, which is an absolute trip. The record then moves into slower tracks Superstar and debut single, Feline Desire. 

The stand out track on the album is, River Beast with its Stevie Knicks vibe, the ending with a chilled almost lullaby track Forever Daze.

An easy listen that will have you feeling all nostalgic.  



Reviewed by Riley Hooper