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Marsai Martin as little Jordan Sanders in Little, co-written and directed by Tina Gordon.

Tina Gordon directed and co-wrote this comedy about a very unlikeable woman, Jordan Sanders (Regina Hall) who is transformed via magic into her 13-year-old self (played by Marsai Martin) and is forced to reassess her horrid behaviour and attitude. Her personal assistant, April Williams (Issa Rae) hitherto treated with disdain by Jordan, steps up as guardian and fills in as boss at Jordan’s tech company while Jordan is made to attend school by a Child Services officer. Fun and hijinks ensue.

There are quite a few genuine laughs in this light and entertaining film, but there are also some very awkward, perhaps even distasteful gags based on the adult-in-a-child’s body still having adult desires concept. The plot itself is untidy and contrived, but there are some engaging characters and performances. It’s a bit of light entertainment if you can overlook the problematic stuff. 

★★ ½


Reviewed by Rita Bratovich.