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Galveston opens with New Orleans hitman Roy Cady diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 40. He hasn’t done the best things with his life, and he intends to go out with a bang. Once Roy figures out the plot against him, he plans revenge. But will his relationship with Rocky be his downfall or his redemption? 

This is a dark film, heavy on violence and brutality. Based on the novel by American crime writer Nic Pizzolatto, it’s only once the character of Rocky is introduced that things start to get interesting. Nineteen years old and damaged, Rocky takes Roy along to rescue her little sister, and they go on the run. Rocky’s brief moments of happiness and joy are the highlights of an otherwise grim film. The sense of menace that permeates the film will leave you feeling like you’ve been through the wringer, and you might need a warm cup of tea and a lie down to recover.



Reviewed by Lisa Seltzer