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Air Supply

Australian band Air Supply has been enchanting audiences around the world for nearly 45 years with classic songs such as All Out Of Love, The One That You Love and Every Woman In The World. They are making a much-anticipated return to Sydney accompanied by their band and a 20 piece symphony orchestra for a very special one-night show.

“It’s always fantastic returning to perform in Australia!” enthused Graham Russell who has lived in the US since 1984. “We’ve always said that we’re an Australian band and proud to be a part of the legacy of Australian music. When we knew we were performing at the Opera House we were so thrilled. It’s just one of the most iconic venues in the whole world.”

Russell is the songwriter and he explained that his songs are based on what he has observed in life. “I’m a very emotionally driven person so I can put myself in a situation. A lot of the song’s stories I invent and it’s a lot of fun doing that.”

When asked which song is his favourite to perform, Russell was quick to respond. “All Out Of Love – we always close the show with this and the audience knows it’s coming. This song has been very kind to us. It’s generated great feelings around the world and created a lot of fans for us.”

But why does the music of Air Supply still command such an enormous fan base in Australia and around the world? “I think the fact that we’ve been around for so long and because the show is for all ages, people just keep coming back to see us. We also have such a strong catalogue of hit songs and they’ve endured the test of time. When people go to a show, they want to hear hit songs and see a great show and we’d like to think that we deliver both of those.” (MMo)

Apr 26. Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point. $99-$299.90+b.f. Tickets & Info: www.sydneyoperahouse.com