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Last Dinosaurs

Upon reflection on their second album, Wellness, Brisbane’s Last Dinosaur realised that they felt very little ownership over what they had produced. This feeling came from the fact that Wellness was produced with heavy involvement from their record label. In order to counteract this problem with their newest record, Yumeno Garden, the band wanted to take a much more DIY approach to every aspect of the release.

When asked about their feeling towards their previous record and their mindset moving into Yumeno Garden lead vocalist Sean Caskey said, “With the way things went with [Wellness] we didn’t feel like we were in control of anything. So this time we made a very conscious effort to make sure this was OUR record.” Caskey went on to explain how they did just that, “This time we thought why don’t we do the entire process ourselves instead of getting a producer and extra crew. So we produced the record, we recorded it, no-one else helped us write it and then with the videos our bass player [Michael] Sloan did those.”

To immediately jumpstart this new production ethos the band chose to separate themselves from the normality of life. They did this by packing only the bare essentials into a suitcase before travelling to a secluded town in Japan to write and record the album.

“We went to a really small ghost town, which was really tranquil and beautiful,” explained Caskey before adding, “We were looking for isolation from any sort of external influence or distraction. We wanted to focus on our roots and try to be inspired by what was already inside of us rather than anything new.”

By taking this new approach Caskey and the rest of the band found the entire process much more enjoyable and rewarding. So much so that Caskey believes they will continue to do things this way for as long as possible moving forward.

As the band now begins their national tour in support of Yumeno Garden they are feeling incredibly excited and energised.

“We’ve done so much rehearsal, I can’t wait to finally get cracking. We’re going to play so many more new songs than we’ve played in forever, so it’s going to be really fun and exciting for us too.”

Looking ahead to the Sydney performances at the end of the month Caskey said, “I can’t wait to be in Oxford Arts again, it’s always pumping when we’re in there. This new set that we’ve got for this tour is going to be really fun in that place.”

Mar 30-31. Oxford Art Factory, 38-46 Oxford St, Darlinghurst. $28.99+b.f. Tickets & Info: www.oxfordartfactory.com