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Finn Andrews – One Piece At A Time

Finn Andrews, the frontman from The Veils, is set to release his first solo album One Piece At A Time. 

Inspired by the end of a relationship, this entire album is dripping in sadness and soul. If you have ever loved and lost, this album needs to be added to your playlist. 

Not only does Andrews have strong vocal talent, but his deep emotion can be felt in each song, encouraging listeners to experience his pain, too.    

Specifically, Love, What Can I Do? and The Spirit In The Flame will nearly melt you into a puddle of tears. 

The pieces simply speak to the innermost part of your being, such as the transfixing Stairs To The Roof, which is a poetic work of art. 

Nevertheless, the album’s title song does offer a glimmer of hope that even the most broken-hearted can learn to love again in time. 



Reviewed by Erika Echternach