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Photo: Steve Christo

From the field to the theatre, Red Line Productions’ Fierce brings the world of AFL to the stage at the Old Fitz Theatre.

Written by Jane E. Thompson the play tells the story of Suzie Flack, a female Aussie Rules Football player who enters the men’s league. But it’s about more than just “an ode to” AFL as it explores the themes of gender and belonging.

Director Janine Watson, who has previously worked on productions of Unqualified and Romeo And Juliet, says it has been a pleasure to bring Fierce to the stage in Sydney.

“What I realised watching the production in Melbourne is that it’s all about the script, not just AFL,” she explains. “There is such a wonderful female at the centre of the play, who is the hero of the production. It’s a beautifully realised story.”

Watson was inspired to put on the show after reading Thompson’s script, which was originally written as part of her creative writing course. But it was finding the right actress to play Suzie that cemented the decision.

Watson hopes the show will inspire the audience to question their own assumptions about gender and sport.

Joining the creative team on this production are a host of talented women. Watson thinks it is very important to not only showcase women’s talents on stage, but also behind the scenes. 

“Having the principal vision in that room being female, and our male talent being brilliantly sensitive, is so important to me.”

Until Apr 13. The Old Fitz Theatre, 129 Dowling St, Woolloomooloo, $20-$55+b.f. Tickets & info:


By Allison Hore.