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Presented in association with the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, this play is set in London between 1983-1987 and centres around six gay men and the impact a charming man named Reg has upon them.

“We never meet Reg which heightens the sense of mystery, but his effect is apparent. He’s promiscuous, dangerously seductive and one of those people whose spell everybody seems to fall under,” explained the director, Alice Livingstone. “It’s essentially a play about relationships and how people deal with each other in friendships. It’s about betrayal, guilt, obsessive love and the situations people are put in where they are suddenly keeping a secret.”

In the mid-80s the devastating aids epidemic had emerged and even though this isn’t an ‘aids play’ it sits at the back of the story and has an impact.

Livingstone is adamant this play is suitable for straight audiences.

“The characters are gay men but the emotions and situations they experience are common for everybody. It’s also very funny so I think everyone can relate to those moments in life which are ridiculous or embarrassing.”

The message this play sends out is that actions have consequences and that these consequences have to be dealt with down the track.

“Life is a wonderful adventure, but it also has its traps and dangers.”

And could there be a Reg in all circles of gay men?

“Yes – definitely! There are Reg’s everywhere – even in the straight world. People whose moral compasses may be a little bit more flexible than others and who have no shame in what they do.”

Livingstone believes this gay play is accessible to everybody.

“It’s funny, it’s heartbreaking and I think audiences will enjoy meeting these six characters and going on their little journey with them.” (MMo)

Until Mar 9. New Theatre, 542 King St, Newtown. $30-$35+b.f.. Bookings & Info: