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Anna And The Apocalypse

A British Christmas movie that’s also a zombie musical? There’s a lot going on in Anna And The Apocalypse. 

This is a coming-of-age film with its fair share of teenage angst, not to mention the virus that appears suddenly and slowly turns the whole town of Little Haven (not to mention the world) into zombies. 

Desperately trying to find their loved ones, Anna and her friends find themselves in a game of cat and mouse with zombies littered throughout their sleepy country town. With shades of Shaun Of The Dead, but with characters breaking into song mid-zombie attack, this film isn’t for everyone. Teenagers will either love it and relate, or hate it and revolt. Themes of first love and finding your own place in the world will resonate, but the sadistic teacher sub-plot is a little over the top. But that is actually the appeal of this movie – it’s out there, it’s different, and it’s a little bit of everything.

★★ ½

Reviewed by Lisa Seltzer