Best Of Sydney 2018

Best Tattoo Studio – Lighthouse Tattoo

This is not the kind of place you just walk into off the street. The Lighthouse Tattoo studio is a stylishly renovated open-plan warehouse in Botany and boasts a team of highly skilled, well-respected artists, each with a unique style.  “The aim is to have a shop full of specialists in their own right rather than having a bunch of people that are kind of a Jack of all trades,” says Alex Rusty, co-founder of Lighthouse Tattoo. His expertise in Japanese tattoo has placed him in some of the best tattoo shops in Australia and taken him to New York, London and Berlin. If you’d like him to do your next tattoo you’ll have plenty of time to think about a design – he is booked out for a year, and so are many of the other artists in the studio. The clientele attracted to Lighthouse Tattoo tend to be high end, with many choosing large, very intricate custom designs that can take months or even years to complete. Style options include Japanese, western traditional, neo-traditional and illustrative, black and grey, realistic, geometric and dot work, portraiture, or something totally bespoke. Checkout the gallery on their website and be inspired.


1 Pemberton St, Botany. 9316 4565.


By Rita Bratovich