Best Of Sydney 2018

Best Dental Care and Aquarium – Pyrmont Dental Health

Pyrmont Dental Health is one of a trio of inner city clinics that form the  My Dental Health group. It offers years of experience, a friendly environment, leading edge dental care and a calming fish tank filled with brightly coloured sea life. That last point is more significant than you think. The staff here realise that going to the dentist can be very unnerving for a lot of people, and they are keen to tone down the fear factor any way they can – if that means transporting you to a tropical underwater paradise, so be it. (Have a look at the photos on their website, the fish are stunning). Of course they do take dentistry seriously and offer the full range of standard treatments as well as a number of cosmetic and remedial treatments. All the equipment, technology and techniques are at the forefront of the industry. Visit Pyrmont Dental Health and you’ll come away with a brighter smile.


3 / 19 Harris Street, Pyrmont. 9518 6262.


By Rita Bratovich